Tantra is a manifestation art. It is a place where we can move from mediocrity to the full extent of our joy. Tantra is a joyous art, one that will take us to great places if we allow it. The word Tantra is a Sanskrit word that has more than one English translation. The one that I feel expresses the essence of Tantra is: To Expand One's Consciousness.

Consider the word expansion in terms of our sexually. We are taught next to nothing about our sexuality. Our older friends or siblings taught us most of what we know about sex; they in turn were taught by, well… you know the story. Our sex education is limited to Playboy magazine and porn movies. Men learn to masturbate fast before Mom hears them and women to fear boys for just wanting "sex".

Off to our twenties, we experiment with an energy that we know little about. We hurt others and get hurt more than once using the base component of sex. We get married, have children and sex becomes something less than regular. Women shut down; men lose their precious sexual energy by over ejaculating. Men start to experience a reduction in penis size, premature ejaculation and orgasms that often are not as strong as the ones in younger days. Sometimes the ejaculate comes out with little to no feeling. This is the severe depletion of sexual energy and it will eventually lead to sickness.

Why do we know so little about sex? There are many reasons. Naming them now will do little good, but the fact is that we know little. The most important thing you must realize is that your sex and how you use it will affect your health positively or negatively. Right now men only use 10% of their sexual energy and the 10% that they use is often spasmed out in a quick ejaculation. If the ejaculation isn't quick, it's usually attributed to more than one football game that is thought about during intercourse. Men are cheating their partners and themselves from to joy of lovemaking!

It is easy to understand why women often turn off the sex. They intuitively know when someone really does not know how to make love. Sex is not something that can be taught, via "goddess worship". It is something you must cultivate as you reclaim your sexual energy. Like Gene Kelly, one does not become a great dancer by jumping into the dance. They learn the steps, they feel the moves and it becomes whom they are. After a while they become great lovers. Just as after a while Gene Kelly cultivated the art of dance anyone who danced with him felt like they were floating.

Sexual energy is cultivated by taking the time to first learn what sex is and how it affects our bodies biologically, emotionally and spiritually. By allowing ourselves to feel and to use 100% of our sexual energy, we are doing ourselves a great favor. We will feel what we have never known we could feel. We will experience a truth that will affect every cell in our body, thus bringing great joy to our lives and our lover. Destructive life patterns will begin to move from us and joy will replace destruction.

So before you buy another expensive watch that will tell you not much more than how old you are getting, or before you have another expensive dinner, take some time, energy and money to finally learn what sex is and how to cultivate it. Are you not worth more what Playboy and porn movies have taught you as truth? The truth is now here, in the West taught by a few Dakini's and Dakas. Take advantage of this gift to Western society.

A word of caution before you begin: throw out your perceptions of sex; remember to think out of the box. When you are looking for a teacher remember the rules I have taught countless men- if you see excess nudity you are being lured in. Goddess worship is a ploy used to get more money for a simple sex act, the ones you are already doing, or a very negative dominance ploy. Baths, well, what can I say, you can take one at home: massage -well how does it help a novice at Tantra?

The tools and teachers are here, real time, so now take the time to find the right one and learn what is your God-given-right….

To be the Multi-Orgasmic Man or Woman you were put on this earth to be.

Author's Bio: 

Genie has been teaching tantra for over 10 years. She is experienced in Chi gong healing, and energy healing. She also has the gift of counseling and life path and has helped many men, women and couples find their way back to joy and abundance.