It's no secret - tanning bed lotions are what many people turn to in order to help them get that nice, amazing, dark complected skin that nearly "glows" with beauty (besides, if a lotion can help accelerate your tan, why not use it, right?). It has become a booming market in itself, with hundreds of companies releasing various products to help meet the increasing demand as it continues to grow in popularity.

You see, indoor tanning lotions work for a number of reasons. Whether or not you use tanning bed lotions currently, you're about to learn more about why these lotions and creams work, and why you should use them to get the most out of every single tanning session!

Reasons Why Tanning Bed Lotions Work

A majority of lotions for tanning beds have an active ingredient in them that is commonly known as a "bronzer". It works to increase the product of melanin in your body (which is a pigment of the skin and is the reason why your skin becomes tan after exposure to UV rays). Because of this unique combination, you will actually be able to achieve a darker tan with less UV exposure. This can also decrease any possible skin damage and other risks that are associated with frequent trips to the tanning bed.

Some things that you need to consider when using tanning bed lotions that have a bronzer in them are:

- After every application, make sure you wipe your hands and feet clean (including your toes and fingernails), as any bronzer trapped inside these tight crevices can cause your skin to turn orange, which is the last thing you want to happen!

- If you find any lotions for tanning beds that cause any adverse reactions on your skin (such as an intense rash or extreme itching), make sure that you stop using it right away.

As you can see, using tanning bed lotions can help you get a nice tan quickly and easily without causing excessive damage. The real question is, how much can you expect to pay?

How Much Do Tanning Bed Lotions Cost?

I'll be honest - indoor tanning lotions can cost a pretty penny (especially for some of the big name brands out there). And, if you're buying them from the local salon, get ready to pony up some serious cash!

If you're one of those people who has been buying up all of their tanning supplies at a salon, then it's time that you listen up to what I'm about to tell you - you can buy lotions for tanning beds online for nearly 50% off or more than what you're paying at the tanning shop down the street (even with shipping and handling factored in).

Where can you score these products and supplies for such a ridiculously cheap rate? Believe it or not, many major retailers (such as have tanning bed lotions for next to nothing! I've seen bottles that go for $100 or more at most salons on Amazon for roughly $30. We're talking about a 70% savings! When you add that up, it's a huge amount of savings that you could be experiencing right now!

If I were you, I wouldn't waste any more time. Now that you know why best indoor tan lotion work and what you should look for in every bottle, you should be on the best lotions for tanning beds online period. Trust me - once you buy this stuff online, you'll never shop for it the same way ever again. Your wallet will be extremely thankful.

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