Tankini swimsuits have risen in popularity over conventional swimsuits. Most women nowadays, prefer to have tankinis than a one piece or bikini swimsuit. You might ask why tankinis? What are they? Tankini swimsuits got its name from a tank in women's apparel. Only that they got a bit skimpier and became a form of swimsuit for women.

How Will Tankinis Differ From Other Kinds of Swimsuits?

For one, tankinis are just like body hugging tops that you get to wear at the beach. Some women who don't want to expose their tummy area by wearing a bikini, and those who wear one-piece swimsuits who find it too tight like to wear tankinis. A tankini is a cross between a shirt and a swimsuit. It offers you that comfortable feeling of wearing a shirt but you are actually wearing a swimming suit. It is also the best choice for shy type women who don't want to wear a one-piece swimsuit nor a bikini.

Are There Plenty of Tankinis Available?

Tankini swimsuits abound in the market, in department stores, or in the internet. All you have to do is to look up tankinis and search for the one that would match your personality or preferences. Popular swimwear brands have a nice line of stylish tankinis.

Is UV Protection Present?

Actually, it depends on the brand of swimwear that you would be choosing. Most brands have UV swimwear that you would most likely find adorable.

Why the Concern for UV Swimwear?

UV Swimwear provides protection to your overall health every time that you are out in the sun. Sometimes, you might take for granted the ultraviolet rays being emitted by the sun that you think it's ok if you stay out in the sun for long without the proper protection.

The sun's rays cause long term and short-term illness to the human body. Some have contracted skin cancer due to over exposure, some experienced premature aging, wrinkles, and cataract. These illnesses do not manifest overnight. Except for sunburns of course, but the fact is that staying out in the sun causes illness. This is the reason for the presence of UV swimwear.

Do Kids and Adults Need This Sort of Protection?

If you are an adult, chances are you would go out in the sun without UV clothing. If you are a kid, your mother would let you wear UV protection all the time. In any case, it is a must to protect oneself from the rays of the sun.

Sometimes adults think that because they are adults, they are already protected from UV rays, which is entirely a misconception. The ultraviolet rays of the sun choose no one. Whether you are an adult, or a child, it always gets through the topmost layers of your skin.

Some Basic Guidelines To Ponder

If you want to spend time in the sun, particularly in a beach, wear swimwear or clothing with UV protection. The tankini swimsuits that you really like would have to be UV protected as well. Aside from these, wear hats and don't forget to apply sunscreen to areas that aren't covered by the swimsuit. Also, as much as possible, if it is already noontime, stay in the shade. The rays of the sun at this time of day are extremely strong and harmful to your skin.

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David has done years of research about UV (Ultraviolet) Rays and Sun Protection including skin cancer. David holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with special studies in waves.

For further reading and sun protection ideas, see http://www.sun-protection-and-you.com/tankini-swimsuits.html.