I now understand the way to the soul. It is through the heart. Not only that, but I now realize I can actually communicate to my own soul through my very heart. It is where we are headed, to connect with who we really are through the heart. We can then find and be the love that we are. This is what will change the world when we each do this individually, and thus collectively. This is how we create peace. When we become love, all that doesn't resonate with love falls away. This is our ticket to the Golden Age.

So now I talk to my soul when I do the dishes. And when I take a shower, or run a simple errand. Most especially, I make the connection when I'm being challenged. Because love will get me through. This is actually a habit that I want to develop. It doesn't come so naturally yet but I have no doubt it will. Speaking with my heart will be the best habit I've ever created. There are so many habits that I've been working to break free from, habits that no longer serve me such as worrying, obsessing, and negative thinking. My intention is to replace these with the habit of connecting to my heart!

At first, it seemed hard to speak to my heart. I questioned if I was hearing right, and sometimes it was because I didn't really want to hear what I, the real me, had to say. I was sometimes too attached to the negative thoughts, the hurt from another, or the need to control, and wasn't ready to let go. I'm starting to know better because my heart holds way more wisdom than my mind. All our hearts do. So when we learn to lead with our hearts first, before our minds with its influences of the ego, we will be led to exactly where we are guided to be, with the people we are guided to be with, and acting on things that are only in our highest interest as we release the ego side of ourselves.

Sometimes my heart speaks to me with words, through symbols, or even the knowingness of images. It always speaks to me through feelings. I feel my heart's messages more than anything. A single feeling could take a thousand words to describe, and yet I receive it, and understand it, in a moment of time. This is the richest way to communicate and is also where we are headed. Words are wonderful but a more efficient way to communicate will one day be commonplace. Feelings are the language of the soul, and this is a language I wish to master.

It helps to hold your hand to the heart when you speak to it. Try it if you wish. We are physical beings and it helps to have the physical touch to tune in. What I most enjoy about talking to the heart is that the voice is always so loving. It makes me feel love for the self, instead of anger at my mistakes, disgust at my overweight body, or frustration over my stuckness. Rather, I am tuning into who I really am. I am learning to trust what I hear. It is Archangel Michael who taught me to speak to the heart and is urging me to develop this habit. So I'm sharing it with you. Next time you're doing the dishes, try having a chat with the real you.

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