In the United States, home health is currently at a crossroad. Home health has a rich history of providing high-quality care to patients’ homes. However, it remains unclear how home health care will serve older Americans and people with disabilities in the future. As the world's older population continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, home health care services are growing in relevance, as most seniors choose to age in place and remain independent. As healthcare costs continue to rise, healthcare professionals and government agencies are also looking for ways to make care more affordable. Faivish Pewzner, chief operating officer of the Americare Companies explains how all of these factors have led to an increase in the home-based health care.

Given that home health care is often a cost-effective means of delivering care, there is growing interest in how home health care should be used by older Americans and people with disabilities in the future. Now is a really exciting time to be a part of the healthcare industry. With changes in care delivery, technological advances and increased patient expectations, home health care services are starting to grow and evolve. This trend requires well informed and trained nurses, so they can effectively assess and treat their patients. But changes in health care are nothing new. In fact, according to Mr.Pewzner, change is the only thing that is constant.

The global home healthcare market is mainly driven by increasing geriatric population, rising health care costs and technological advancements in healthcare devices. With increasing health awareness among people, increase in a number of people diagnosed with chronic diseases such as diabetes cardiac disorders and respiratory diseases, the demand for home healthcare market is expected to grow in the near future.

The population of geriatric people is growing rapidly across the world. Geriatric population is more vulnerable to chronic diseases such as diabetes. This, in turn, is expected to fuel the growth of home healthcare market. However, changing reimbursement policies and limited insurance coverage may pose a challenge to the home healthcare market growth in the near future. Rapid job growth in home healthcare services is expected open alluring avenues for the market growth over the next few years.

The Global Home Healthcare Market or the global demand for home healthcare market was valued at USD 228.90 billion in 2015 and is expected to generate revenue of USD 391.41 billion by 2021, growing at a CAGR of 9.40% between 2016 and 2021. As the population continues to age, home care and home healthcare industry services will continue to grow.

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