“Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded.” – Jess Lair, author of “Hey God, What Now”

Are you aware that there is a direct relation between communication and brain development in children? This is why it is considered to be extremely important that parents must regularly converse with their children and should let them pour their hearts out. Simply put, the more exposure your child gets to your words, the more prepared he/she becomes for embracing life, as it comes. When you communicate with your kids, it helps to lay the foundation for their brain development. This is particularly important during the early years, where the way you communicate with your little ones serve to fuel their creativity and learning.

We, at JPInternational School, regarded as the Best CBSE School in Greater Noida, believe communicating with your children is indeed crucial for their holistic development. It not only helps in building emotions and empathy in them but also paves the path to their improved academic performance. Regular interaction with kids helps to develop in them a sense of assertion and reasoning. Besides, it also instills them with the quality of becoming an active listener.

Helps the kids realize as well as showcase their emotions correctly

When parents communicate with children, it’s not just the words that children connect with. They also take note of the emotions and expressions, which thereby lay the foundation for strengthening the conversing skills of children. This way, kids learn to identify their own emotions as well, and could then express their feelings in a better and appropriate way.

Develops in them a strong sense of reasoning

Children generally start developing their sense of reasoning during the early years. Healthy conversations with your kids help to trigger this facet of the brain, and they’ll start posing you with lots of why’s and how’s in the process. But don’t feel irritated when your child comes to you with a bunch of questions as it is these queries that help to generate the reasoning skills in your little one.

Instills in children the vital social skills

There is no denying the fact that children are closest to their parents. It is the parents who the little ones look up to for everything. They take note of every little aspect – how the parents respond to various situations, how they are interacting in public, how they converse with people they meet for the very first time, and a lot more. Thus, if parents communicate regularly with children, understand their concerns, and share with them their own experiences of meeting different people, it helps to instill in kids the vital social skills, which are indeed necessary for the appropriate personality development of children.

Helps improve communication skills of children

Studies have revealed that children with minimal to zero attention and listening skills often suffer from problems regarding the comprehension of directions, and also face difficulties in carrying out conversations with others. Not only this, but such children may also struggle with fundamental concepts that involve counting or differentiating colors. Although many children get rid of these problems with time, more often than not, they stay and only get worse over time. It is hence important that due attention is given to improving the communication skills of children right from an early age, and it is here that the role of the parents comes to the fore.

We, at JP International School, have always believed that parental involvement is extremely necessary for the growth of children. Everyday interaction with your kids is of foremost importance to aid in their brain development. We would also like to mention in this regard that apart from holding routine communication with your child, there are some other small, yet significant things that the parents should note as well. Never cut off your child in between while he/she is talking. It sets an example of a good listener.

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Also, try keeping your language short and straightforward, so that it becomes easier for your kid to understand. Lastly, try to be a positive role model as no one imitates you more than your child. Interact with him/her most respectfully, politely, and most importantly, regularly, and see how well your little one grows into a well-groomed individual.

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