Would you take dieiting advice from an obese undertaker who had repeatedly failed to lose weight?

Sounds like a stoopeed question, right?

Yet, British people welcomed the undertaker's advice.

And in 1863, William Banting became the first diet author in the world. His 20-page "book", titled Letter On Corpulence explained Banting's simple plan for losing all the extra flab.

What did his plan include?

Meat, veggies, fruits and wine, 4 times per day.

And you know what's funny?

Compared to most of today's plans, Banting's is pretty darned good.

Take for example the tapeworm diet.

You ingest tapeworms that stay inside your body and devour the nutrients of anything you eat. According to the "expert" (or, more accurately, the criminal) who suggested created this monstrosity, you can eat all you want and never worry.

Think it's dumb?

Well, celebrities like Maria Kallas and Claudia Schiffer fell for it.

And I'd bet many people, when they heard those celebrities tried that plan, fell victim to it too.

Hopefully, you understand why that plan was dumb.

But what about the cabbage diet?

Each day, your meal is a huge cabbage soup.

After 7 days, you've lost 7 days...err, I mean you've lost 7 pounds.

And the same promise is made with the grapefruit/tea/ diet as well.

They sound a bit more sensible, right?

But do they work?

Of course.

They work as long as your goal is to cannibalize your muscle mass, cripple your metabolism and gain back every single pound/kilo/stone you lost (sometimes, you even gain it back multiple times over) Oh and let's not forget about less obvious things like mental fog...a breath that repels even beggars...and physical weakness to the point where you have to rest after walking for 10-15 minutes.

If all the above sound great to you?

Please have you head checked.

And leave my list.


What most people don't realize is that eating plans, tricks, and hacks always fail in the long run. You might lose some kilos, but you gain them back (and then some more!) without fail.

This happens because they either didn’t match your unique needs or they didn’t work in the first place.

I have no idea how you can protect yourself from all the things that don’t work.

After all, there are so many of them.

However, I have a solution when it comes to matching an eating plan to your unique needs.

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For a decade, Fotis Chatzinicolaou has been helping men over 30 look great naked while minimizing joint pain. He's also the author of the book Sculpted Grecian Body