Most entrepreneurs enjoy their work and don't mind working because they consider it play. If that's true for you, you probably don't think much about taking breaks. But sometimes we need to be reminded to take them.

Studies show that people who take breaks more frequently are actually more efficient that those who don't. There are several types of breaks that I recommend.

First of all, it's important to take breaks throughout the day from sitting at a computer, at a table. The breaks are good for your body structure. Muscles don't like being in one position for long periods of time. The spine gets strained by sitting and needs to be moved around periodically. It's not good enough to do sitting exercises. You must get up out of the chair. In fact, sitting in a chair for extended periods is actually bad for your overall health.

The next kind of break is to take a day off and do something fun with friends and/or family. You can catch up on some reading, go for a hike, or have tea with a friend. It can be anything that gets you out of the work mode and clears your mind for a while. If your work is really mental you might want to find a craft that just uses your hands and do that on your break day. When I first started taking a day off, it was exceedingly difficult. The computer was "calling" to me and I had to force myself to not answer. But I got over it eventually and learned that there are other kinds of fun besides my work!

Another important break is a getaway weekend. Weekend getaways every few months can take off the pressure off of work. This is especially good if you have a partner because they feel like you are taking time off to be with them. And it greatly improves the relationship. What you are looking for is balance...a time to work, a time to play, and a time to be with loved ones and nurture the relationship.

Most jobs give only 2 weeks of vacation a year. When I had a job, it was easy to see that I would have functioned much better if I could have had a 1-2 week vacation every quarter. Three months was about as long as I could go before I needed that break. In fact, it is widely reported that people who take regular vacations have higher productivity during their work time than others who don't. Businesses in Europe already know about this phenomenon and give their workers a week off every three months. Statistics show that productivity improves when workers get a break that often.

Most workers don't have a choice. But if you are an entrepreneur you do have a choice. You can start taking breaks during the day to pace yourself. Then start scheduling a break during the week - like one or two days off, instead of working 7 days a week like many entrepreneurs do. Of course, this will depend on your business schedule and work-load.

And finally, schedule more vacations for relaxing and rejuvenating. You will soon be aware that you can be more productive longer as a result of taking a break more often. Honor yourself with time for yourself, and get more done.

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