Growing up as a child in an abusive home life and living with an alcoholic adopted mother, to say the least was not easy. For many years after I got into my teens and on to my adult years, I was filled with anger and resentment. My inner dialogue was why me. Is there a dark cloud hovering over me? I ran my life in total despair and self-sabotage. It took me a long time to understand that yes, she had serious issues. But as well I had to take accountability for my own actions. I was a rebellious kid with a stubborn streak. The negative programming that ensued during my childhood was a contributing factor for sure, however, I was no saint either​. When you manage your life out of anger, hate and resentment, ultimately you are the one that is going to pay the price. I had to finally let that go. Forgive them, "my adoptive parents", but moreover forgive myself, karma does exist my friends. I had to let go because I realized I was letting them live rent free in my head and also in my heart. They were long gone. I was still here paying the price for not only their behaviors but as well as mine. We all have free will. I had to take charge of mine. After studying hypnosis and N.L.P  a light bulb went off in my head. An epiphany  so to speak. A little voice went off in my head. " you got this Stacey, take charge". That was exactly what I did. I studied hypnosis, N.L.P and read every motivational and educational book on how the subconscious works.
For those who may have encountered a similar childhood or even an issues as an adult my advise is to do the same. At the very least read these books. There are many of them out there. For those of you that have serious abuse issues and even addiction issues as a result of abuse I urge you to get help. Seek out someone that is in your area that is a hypnotherapist. A psychologist or therapist that practices hypnosis or N..L.P. The reason I say this is because they can get to the heart of the matter quickly and consciously  I found out after battling the effects of abuse and ending up with panic attacks that hypnosis is an effective and an expedient way to deal with these issues.
Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming is designed to by pass the critical factors of the mind. Meaning they can redirect the subconscious to engage in positive programming and negate the negative programming. Mind you if you have experienced trauma such as sexual assault, domestic violence or other traumatic issues in your life be clear, hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming does not erase the thought and memory of what happened it diminishes the  emotional effect the trauma has on you. How you react to it so to speak. I had one hypnosis treatment after having gone through 4 days of continuous panic attacks as a result of being raped many years prior and never had one since. I am not saying that holds true for everyone, it did for me.
Let me give you a little education of the myths and benefits of hypnosis and N.L.P. For example I have heard from people that their fear is that you cannot come out of hypnosis once being put into a trance. That is not true, what happens is if I or another hypnotist put you in a hypnotic state, after a couple of minutes of not speaking to you, your eyes would automatically open and you would be wide awake. Why? Because the subconscious would just plain get bored. Also you can't make someone do something they would not normally do in a conscious state. In other words, a hypnotist cannot make you go hold up a bank if you would not normally do that in a waking state. Our conscious mind takes care of day-to-day business-making decisions, performing physical activities and solving problems. Our subconscious mind, on the other hand, handles bodily functions with out our conscious decision. It regulates our heart rate, respiration, the blinking of our eyes, feelings of pain and all our habits. It is the subconscious mind that also comes into play when hypnosis takes place. Further more a person that is under hypnosis is always in control.  With hypnosis, a person may reject any improper or immoral suggestions that might have been given. Again, you are always in control. Which is huge when you are a survivor of abuse or addiction.
There are many uses for hypnosis and N.L.P. Some are obvious such as weigh loss, stop smoking. Also hypnosis is a great tool for, developing memory, increase concentration, phobias, anxieties, self-confidence, self-esteem, pain control, migraines, drug addictions and alcoholism just to mention a few. Presently, hypnosis is being used effectively in many different settings, including medical, dental and legal area. Every day, new and innovative uses are being discovered by many practitioners. 
Until next time, I wish each end everyone a happy holiday, wonderful 2017 that is filled with health, happiness and good fortune.

Author's Bio: 

Stacey Cox Giovanni is a board certified consulting hypnotist, certified with the National Guild of Hypnotist, master neuro-linguistic program coach and instructor certified with NFNLP. Life strategy coach, specializing in life and business growth. Removing the blocks that stop us from achieving our state of excellence.