If you have a beloved pet cat then a main priority will be their good health. When your cat is ill it's upsetting for you and distressing for your pet. Not to mention those expensive vets bills!

So what can you do to ensure that your cat stays in tip top condition?

Firstly, make sure your cat has all their injections and make sure you get them done in a timely manner each year. It may seem like a big expense every year, but it really does save cats lives. It's also well worth bearing in mind, that if you don't keep up to date with your cat's injections it could invalidate their insurance. Many insurance policies stipulate that injections must be up to date for the policy to be valid. Wouldn't it be awful if your pet were injured and had to have a lot of expensive treatment, then when you put in your claim with the insurance company you find out that the policy is not valid, just because you had forgotten to take your pet to the vets for their injections. You'd then have a huge bill to pay yourself, so it's well worth keeping up with your pet's vaccinations. Your vet will usually send you a reminder, but it's worth making a note on your calendar just in case.

It's also important to take out a good pet insurance policy, of course prevention is better than cure, but of course sometimes accidents happen, and pets get sick. Having a policy in place to cover all the vet bills will give you peace of mind. The fees can really mount up, especially if your cat needs an operation or needs to be kept in the vets for a period of time. An insurance policy will only cost you a few pounds each month, but could save you thousands if you should need to make a claim.

To keep your pet in the best condition, you should feed them a really good quality pet food. Choose a complete food that has all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your cat needs to be fit and healthy. A good quality cat food will be low in additives. This is good as the additives in cheaper food can cause allergic reactions which can start at any time of their life, even if they've been happily eating the cheap food for years. You may also want to choose a food that is specifically formulated for the needs of your particular cat. There are special light foods for over weight cats, and food specially formulated for cats that suffer from fur balls. Feed your cat a top quality food and they'll love the flavour, they'll be full of vitality and you'll see the difference visibly; their coat will be glossy and their eyes will be bright.

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