Being a woman can be such a toilsome thing, particularly when there are so many little things that we have to deal with, but here are some ways to take care of yourself. Once a month we endure agonizing cramps, bloating, and emotional moodswings that can really take a toll on oneself and also make others around you feel like you have gone crazy. In fact, as if the aching, tearing pain of cramps wasn't enough, the psychological effects seem to be just as trying, as you swing from being so sad to see a man eating lettuce to getting searing mad when your friend forgets to say hello to you and it just makes you all over the place till you feel you will go mad from the effort of trying to stay calm, and then you feel bloated and heavy and lethargic and in a miserable state of pain.

One way to reduce this pain is to take some medication and to make sure that you take it right when the pain starts so that you can tackle it right from the get go and you will not be stuck with a lot of misery and pain all the while. You can try your best to make sure that you do your best to take the medication right at the start of the pain coming so that you can get the best effects because sometimes if you wait too long the medicine will not be able to take effect and you will have to endure some long bouts of pain for a while.

Also eating some chocolate can help because of the content of the cocoa beans and you can feel some relief, too, psychologically as chocolate has been known to induce happiness and make a person feel better. When you feel your mood swinging, try to stay calm and do things that will help you feel a little better like being around people you love and care about and letting them listen to you and make you feel a little better about what you are enduring and going through. This might help you get through what you are going through a little easier and you can figure out how to let them help you, as well.

And as far as the other issues go, you can handle them with ease because being a woman is all about being strong in the face of calamities. One thing that often affects the hearts of many women are the trials they endure from cruel men. This can often cause low self esteem and can make a woman feel badly about herself after a time or two. Well remember to never let a man get you down, just like you can not let cramps get the best of you, because there is a medication for both things, men and cramps, and that is time, just give it some time and after a while you will see that neither hurt you anymore and you do not have to feel badly about yourself because it is a natural part of life. And once it passes, better things will come.

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Roberto Sedycias works as an IT consultant for Polo