Once your furry friend reaches the age of seven they’re considered a senior dog. Not as young as they once were your dog needs more love and attention now than they needed before to stay happy and healthy. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to help maintain your dog’s well-being. Below are some tips for owners of senior dogs to keep them comfortable, safe, and carefree.

Keep Them Active

Just like humans, a dog that stays active and in shape can prolong the quality of their life. Dogs who maintain regular physical activity are a lot more active than dogs who sit around. Playing fetch, going for walks, and other activities can improve your dog’s mood and well-being. Exercising is imperative for senior dogs. It helps with digestive issues, reduces common behavioral problems, builds confidence, and keeps them limber.

Pay Attention to Issues

It is a true statement that as your dog gets older there will be changes in their activities in behavior. While things like a slowed appetite, changes in personality, or fluctuation in weight can be attributed to your dog getting older, it is always best to get a medical opinion. There could be a more serious issue going on like diabetes, arthritis, dental disease, and more. With solutions like Canna-Pet’s CBD oil for dogs available to soothe the symptoms of many common dog illnesses and diseases, it is ideal to talk with a vet to find out what could be going on.

Nutrition First

Once your dog becomes a senior their health starts to decline. Changes in the brain can alter the way your dog is able to learn, be aware, or make decisions. Proper nutrition can improve brain function in dogs and should be considered a top priority. Any diet or nutrition changes should be discussed with the vet and introduced slowly to ensure your aging dog adjusts without digestive issues or allergic reactions.

Keep Their Mind Sharp

Dogs get bored easily and much like humans, as they age, their brains age as well. To keep the minds sharp and improve brain function it is ideal to engage your dog in learning. Teaching the old dog new tricks is not as difficult as they make it out to be, but it can be a great way for your pet to use their brain power. Whether you invest in food-dispensing devices and allow your dog to smack it around until food comes out or you teach them new commands and tricks, it keeps their minds sharp.

They Need Friends Too

Dogs run in packs by nature, and as they get older, they long for that companionship. Whether you decide to get a puppy to add to your family or you meet up with people you know who have dogs, it’s a great way to give your old dog some time to be around their own. It can add years to their life and improve their mood.

If you’re the owner of an aging dog or considering adopting an older dog, keep each of these tips in mind.
Your aging dog needs a lot of the same things you’ll need as you get older. Proper nutrition, an active lifestyle, companionship, and tender love and care. By giving them all of the above, you’re ensuring that their life will be happy, healthy, and carefree.

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Robert Alleson