In case you haven’t already heard, the global economy is in something of a reversal at present!! I mention this in the context of a long-standing friend mentioning to me over breakfast last Friday that his daughter “couldn’t pick up the ‘phone” to ask for some career or job-seeking advice from one of her father’s business acquaintances – she was afraid of what of what he might think of her! My friend suggested to me that, in what is approaching recession induced mass hysteria, people feel “disempowered”.

Over the last few years, when everyone was chasing the “financial freedom” dream, it was easy to take action – everyone was greedy together, so taking action didn’t require you to stand out from the crowd. But now, the mass greed has been replaced by something approaching mass fear – and taking action requires boldness and, perhaps, even, an act of faith. Taking real action requires that you stand head and shoulders above all the panicked “normal” people.

You know the old expression that “God helps those who help themselves” – well, as I mentioned in last week’s Insight, the universe is simply waiting patiently to give you what your heart desires – what is best for you. But, the universe can only judge people’s desires by their actions – not their wishes, hopes, or wants. You’ve got to take action. You’ve got to stand out from the crowd – a crowd which is peopled by “normal people”, who cannot take action – they can only react.

You’ve got to be bold, uncaring for what others might think of you (they don’t care, by the way!) – to succeed, you’ve got to let go.

Author's Bio: 

Willie Horton is an Irish self-help and personal development author and trainer living in the French Alps. He has been working in the field of personal development since 1996 with clients such as Pfizer, Deloitte, Allergan, KMPG, Nestle and DHL. He is creator of Gurdy.Net – the Personal Development Website and author of Normal Crazy People and To Succeed... Just Let Go.