Remember the game of king of the hill? It was a game where when you knocked the king of the hill off of the hill, you became the next king. With online marketing you are essentially playing a game of king of the hill and the king gets on the first page of Google and will stay there until someone knocks him off.

This is a coveted and heavily guarded position on the internet because it allows you to receive the most exposure to clients, the most clicks and the most sales. These positions are usually closely protected by people with lots of pay per click money who pay around $2 to $5 per click.

What happens if you are a small business and are hoping to get onto Google’s first page, yet do not have the deep pockets large companies have to be able to pay per click your way to the top of the hill?

Then you must learn techniques that will help you reach a king of the hill spot without the cost. This has become hard to do unless you know some of the secrets required to get on Google. The secrets that show you how all the work is done by others for free require ZERO link arrangements, ZERO articles posted, ZERO pay per click traffic, ZERO directory listings and ZERO blog posts or comments.

On your day planner, flip forward 7 days and write this note on your to do list: SHUT OFF PAY PER CLICK ACCOUNT. The amount of money you could save is huge.

Here are 3 tips to help you learn the process:
1) Learn about Google maps cash. This function is an amazing software tool that will show you how to get listed in a “10box” which Google added to allow 10 businesses to be shown up front within an area. This is free and powerful.
2) Learn to dominate the key word you wish to use. It is important to know that this does not guarantee sales, it guarantees traffic. It does not matter whether you have an online or offline business. Having traffic is a must if you choose to grow your online presence.
3) Guard your business by using white hat options. Black hat options are grey areas that can be perfectly legal however draw a close line. White hat options are clear and legal to use and give great results.

Creating or promoting a product with strong value, will also help you have lots of people wanting to promote your product. Providing them with a “10box” spot will help you become more recognizable and help them promote your products more effectively. This will result in more sales and traffic for them.

It is important to know that having a king of the hill spot on Google also gives you and your business credibility. When you are slotted where the big boys play it does not matter what the size of your company is you become a big boy company by association. It is important to establish this kind of Google credibility because it is also a form of free publicity.

Learning about Google maps can help your business grow and become known in a short time. Take action and take your Google position to the next level.

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