How often do you take time out in your day to measure your Law of Attraction results? How much time daily do you spend on creating new Law of Attraction manifestation ideas? I am consistently told by my coaching clients that this has been one of the most helpful tips that I have given during our coaching calls. Big thinkers are always looking to expand their thinking and open themselves up to unlimited possibilities. This openness allows them to play bigger and get outside of their comfort zone.

My message is simple. I know that people always resist new ideas and new courses of inspired action, even if the ideas and actions are good for your business. However, if you have an opportunity to think about them, review and reflect on them for a few days, very often you will come around to the new way of thinking with a renewed passion and excitement.

Taking time to measure your results allows you to absorb your new ideas and perhaps even change course or direction. What new ideas or directions do you want to spend time considering? To have effective Law of Attraction results I encourage you to take the new idea or new way of doing things and think about it for a few days. You have probably heard the saying “Be careful what you ask for, you may get it”. I encourage my clients to spend some time planning their future so that they get what they want.

Over the years in my coaching practice, I have found this to be a remarkable piece of advice and a very important step to dramatically improve your Law of Attraction results.

When measuring your Law of Attraction results it is normal and natural for people to resist change of any kind, including a change that will benefit your business. By taking the time to measure your progress, it will actually speed up and improve your Law of Attraction results. How can you tell what your progress has been getting Law of Attraction results? Take a look at your bank account, purse and lifestyle. It will be a perfect match to how well you are applying the Law of Attraction. How fulfilled do you feel? What do you think about your business? Is it thriving?

Review the new ideas that you have as possibilities. What if you could have whatever you want, when you want it and how you want it? The bigger the game, the bigger the results!

When I have my coaching clients start taking time out to measure their Law of Attraction results, and review their ideas as possibilities, they were shocked at how much more quickly they manifested their dreams and goals.

Here are some things you can do now.

First, take 30 minutes a day and measure your Law of Attraction results. Think through new ideas and possibilities for your business. Expect some natural resistance to playing bigger. Feel the fear of playing bigger and then go do it anyways.

Next expect some of your ideas and possibilities to be rejected initially by your conscious mind. When this happens, simply ask yourself if there is anyone else on the planet that has what you want, does what you are asking for, and how many of them are there in the whole wide world. You could be one of them! Break through your resistance of believing that it is possible. It is amazing how effective this strategy will be for you.

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