A Groundbreaking Idea Worth Billions

Have you ever had an idea for something new and innovative that you knew without a doubt that it was guaranteed to be a success? You visualized this idea in your head over a million times to the point where you knew everything there was to know about it forward and backwards? You even kept it a secret from everyone because you didn’t want anyone to steal your idea. You were just about to put your plan into action for your incredible idea and then suddenly you realize that someone beat you to the finish line? Has this ever happened to you? Don’t feel bad because I can assure you that this has happened to people all over the world countless times. I can also assure you that many of these ideas that people failed to take action on eventually ended up changing the world, making their owners millions, if not billions. Do you have a story like this where you should’ve, could’ve, would’ve?

What was the Difference Between you and Them?

Why was someone able to pull it off and not you? I can tell you why, that someone took the necessary actions to manifest their idea while you just sat around and let the idea occupy space in your head. Taking action is the foundational key to achieving any success. You can’t achieve any kind of success unless you take massive action towards its manifestation.

What are you Afraid of?

Walt Disney said, “All of your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.” What do you think some of the reasons were that prevented people from taking action on some of these awesome ideas? Its usually fear of failure. Most people don’t believe in their abilities to achieve extraordinary outcomes so they won’t even give it a try. If you are going to go through life and not even try to make your dreams come true then there really is no sense for you to live because what you are doing is just existing.


The greatest risk is the one that you don’t take. Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity. As I like to tell my clients, “Opportunity doesn’t go away, it just goes to someone else. Ask any successful businessperson and they will tell you, the secret to success in life is to be ready for opportunities when they present themselves. They will also tell you that opportunities usually come disguised in the shape of hard work and difficulty. So if they don’t appear to be on a silver platter, don’t get discouraged. You must have vision, determination, and a burning desire to succeed no matter what happens along the way. You must be committed to achieving the results that you desire no matter how many times you fail. You must stay flexible in your approach to achieving. If you don’t get the results that you desire, you must change your approach until you succeed.

Fear of criticism holds back many others who are terrified what others might think of their idea. They are usually terrified what their friends or family might think of them.

Great ideas often receive criticism and incredible opposition from mediocre minds. When Walt Disney was developing Disneyland, most of the people he talked to thought that it would be a financial disaster which would be closed and forgotten within a year. Imagine if Walt Disney would have listened to those dream stealers, he would have never blessed the world with the amazing multi billion dollar brand known as Disney. Remember, it is not what others believe you can achieve, it only matters what you believe you can achieve.

The Greater the Idea, the More Difficult it Will be to Achieve Success.

When Thomas Edison was attempting to invent electricity, he was competing against some of the sharpest inventing minds in the world. It was a race to invent electricity, an invention that would change the world. Can you imagine the difficulties that these inventors were facing? They were guaranteed to meet failure along the way. Thomas Edison tested over 3,000 filaments before he came up with his version of a practical light bulb. Can you imagine how many people would have quit after trying 500 different kinds of filaments with no success? How many people would have quit after 2,000 different failures? No one would have said that they didn’t give it a valiant effort. However, Thomas Edison was a different kind of achiever. He would never quit until he achieved the results that he desired, no matter how many failures he experienced. Thomas Edison said, “Results? Why, man, I have gotten lots of results! If I find 10,000 ways something won’t work, I haven’t failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is often a step forward.” Thomas Edison believed that many of life’s failures were experienced by people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

You can Achieve Anything you Desire.

If you are trying to achieve something in life, you must stay committed to your desired outcomes. You must believe in your abilities to achieve the results that you desire. Failure should not be an option for you. Success must be your only option. You must keep on keeping on until you succeed. No one has ever achieved greatness without experiencing failure. It is a part of the success process. Everyone is created equal. What separates the achievers from the nonbelievers is the quality of their hearts and minds. You can achieve anything you desire if you believe in your abilities to achieve. You are what you think. With your thoughts you design your world. The question is, are you going to design your dream life, or are you going to design a life of mediocrity? It all depends on which one you want for yourself. I want an extraordinary life and I know you do too. Get infected with passion, because nothing extraordinary in the world has been accomplished without passion. Go after it with the fierce urgency of now. Don’t say you will do it one day, achieve it today. Don’t wait to be great, be great now. I know you can. Do you believe you can?

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