I’ve been pondering what it takes to double your business growth in a year. I’ve tripled my revenue in one year and doubled it another, using a very simple plan. I began by relaxing and letting go of control. Then I came up with a few practices and action steps.

But as I think about how to teach people to do this at my upcoming retreat and mastermind program, it’s a hard sell to get people to just relax and let go to double or triple their profits. I know we all agree that it would help our business in many ways if we stopped worrying about it, but we as humans want a plan of action.

I am very clear that if you want to see a massive increase in list building and reaching more people, while creating systems that leverage your time and manifest a steep spike in your profits, then you really have to do some thinking about where you are hanging back and waiting for something to happen.

Often it’s not obvious. Other times you know what you need to do, but don’t know how to get out of your normal mode of operation to do it.

Recently, I’ve been craving a new mentor/coach to grow my business but my standards are very high. Nobody seemed to catch my eye. Then, like magic, somebody stepped forward and said they could help me. The packaging was a little different than I had thought. He is a business strategist. Kind, but kicks my butt! His job is to give me the strategies and ideas that will make my business grow and my life easier. The investment in this service was more than I had planned.

My heart was pounding like it always does when I’m about to leap out of my comfort zone. I thought, “If I don’t hire him, can I grow my business the way I want? Does he have knowledge that will help me up my game? If I were a seven-figure earner what would I do?”

I was smart. I hired him. I also began going through some of my own teachings as if it were all new information to me. I’ve been more disciplined with taking my daily walks, doing yoga and writing in my Speed Dial the Universe journal every day. I’ve also been perfecting each system I create before moving on to the next. That’s not easy for a girl who likes to move fast.

In essence, I’m doing the things I know will set me up for massive growth. Increasing my profits is only part of the decision. I want to work less. I already work less than thirty hours a week but I want to spend less of my time doing the stuff that feels like work.

If you were committed to doubling your business in the next twelve months, who do you think could give you fresh feedback? Has feedback already been given and you haven’t listened?

• What scares you?
• Where do you feel you fall short?

• Where do you skimp in your business?

• Do you create systems, products and services that are trendy and quick or for long lasting impact?

• Do you hire based on price or quality?

• Are you getting the most out of your current coach, mentor, assistant or partner?

• Are you charging prices that equal the value your services and products give?

• Are you visible?

• Do you feel like you’re working or playing?
• Have you created a business model that feels 100% congruent with who you are?

• Do you have a marketing plan or are doing spontaneous marketing?

Honestly answering the above inquiries will surely give you some immediate next steps to get on the path for massive growth. However, doubling your income will require more than random actions.

It requires a commitment to a new mindset. It is the most important element of growth. I’ve never experienced massive profits from any one action. Don’t talk about growing your business if you’re not willing to question your motives behind every decision. But if you are serious about doubling your growth, it can be done easily if your head and heart are pointed in the same direction.

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