While riding a motorcycle seems to be really cool, we must admit that it is not as safe as a passenger car. According to NHTSA, the number of people dying was 27 times more likely than any other vehicle.

Despite all this, we know that there is something really adventurous about riding a bike. What’s better than enjoying that breeze, exploring the nature in its full form, when you’re riding on those picturesque streets.

While we do understand that there are many safety features which a motorcycle lacks- like seatbelts and airbags, there are a few mistakes which are often committed by the riders themselves. These include overspeeding, alcohol influence and various other unsafe driving tactics.

Well, if you opt for some safety measures and tips, you can avoid crashes on a large scale. Here are a few of them to help you keep safe while you’re enjoying your ride.

1. Get some training:

It is a common rule that you should know the right skills to ride your bike before getting your license. It is important that you undertake a training so that you’re well versed in the techniques and the riding environment.

The trainers will give you various tips on how to maintain your motorcycle, how to deal with motorcycling pain, and how to handle various situations, in case something goes wrong. Taking a course will certainly help to boost up your confidence level.

2. Wear the right clothing:

By clothing, we don’t mean that you have to look your best. You have to wear things that will help you keep safe.

Wearing a leather jacket is highly recommended because it has the ability to shelter you from inside in case you slide down. You can find tons of varieties of them in the market.

3. Guard your feet:

As we know how important it is to wear the right clothing, it is equally significant to wear the right footwear as well. Simply wearing a pair of flip-flops won’t help! You have to ensure that you wear the right trainers to avoid any pain if you slip off.

Your shoes should be equipped with a durable sole, good ankle support and shouldn’t have any heel. Even better is to go for leather shoes.

4. Be concentrated:

It is highly important that you pay full concentration while riding on the road without paying any heed to what’s going around. By concentrating, I mean taking care of simple things like not using your phone, not taking off your hands while riding or wearing headphones.

5. Know your skills:

Riding doesn’t come that easy, it takes a good amount of time and effort. While you may learn how to ride within a short period of time, it takes some time to be an expert.

You need to know what your level is and drive accordingly. Don’t try something new or ride in places which are quite unfamiliar, as you may end up hurting yourself. Keep learning and ride accordingly!

6. Drive according to the weather:

Riding a car in any weather is relatively easier. On the other hand, it is very dangerous to ride a bike if the weather is not appropriate. Unlike cars, bikes are very unstable which increase the chances of slipping. You can also suffer from visibility issues in bad weather as there are no wipers. Because motorbikes are open, you are exposed to the harsh climatic conditions physically which may make you suffer from diseases like common cold, fever and so on.

So, whenever you’re planning to go out on a ride, make sure that the weather is fine. If it’s raining, wait for it to stop and be extra careful when you’re off to ride.

7. Don’t forget to wear a helmet:

Wearing a helmet can reduce the chances of deaths by 37%. So, it is very important that you consider this whenever you’re riding.

Helmets help you to shelter your head, thus preventing various head injuries. Just make sure that you choose the right one which helps to maintain the visibility, fits you well and is consented by the Department of Transportation.

8. Look out for other riders:

It is very important to keep a check if there are any motorcycles around, as it is not easy to spot one while you’re riding. Though there are many bikes which produce a lot of noise to draw attention, we should always be alert as not all bikes are loud.

Doing so is really advantageous for you as well as for others. Stay safe from other vehicles including bikes. Not just once, but look twice to ensure your security.

Other than these tips, ensure that there is no malfunctioning in the motorcycle parts and it is well maintained to avoid any mishaps. After all, your safety is in your hands!

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