If you’re wondering when you’ll get around to those all important goals that you seem to never have any time for, I have great news! As a certified life coach I can help you do this now, rather than later, or as later usually becomes -never. In my coaching sessions, I empower my clients to choose the right goals, set flexible dates for their achievement, identify the obstacles in their way and work with them to assign action steps on overcoming those obstacles. That’s because my clients have decided that they must make a change. Do you really want to make a change? Well, I’m hoping you do, because these three easy and dynamic steps can help you take control of your life and fast.

Step 1: Decide to Take Control of Your Life Today

You can take control of your life when you decide to. Taking control has to be a must, not an idle wish. If you feel that you have had enough of what is getting you nowhere and have reached a threshold that says, “that’s it, no more – I have to change this now! – I need to take control of my life!” you can decide to make a positive change today. So the first step to taking control of your life is deciding to, or making a clear-cut choice that you must change now to get the results you want in the future.

How can you decide? Well, we know that we want to be in control of our life; we want to be in charge. Why? It doesn't feel good not to be in control of things, does it? I believe that control comes from making the right choices. What choices have you made in the past that have either taken you farther away from or closer to your goals? When do you feel you have more control? When do you feel that you do not have control? How will you feel if time keeps passing by and you have not taken control of your life? When you finally decide to take control of your life, step one is simply to state this choice as a goal: To take control of my life today.

Step 2: Identify Your Obstacles

Now that you are certain and ready that you want to take control of your life, the second simple step is to list the obstacles that you believe have prevented you from taking control. These will mostly be internal obstacles and some external obstacles. Identify as many of them as you can. Some examples could be you feel your spouse is controlling you, your job is too demanding, you need more sleep, your boss is treating you unfairly or you can never get dinner ready on time. My life coaching is powerful in this way. It brings your focus directly to what stands in your way and what action(s) you can and will take to overcome them.

Step 3: Take Action and Move Forward

Finally, step three is to list the action steps needed to resolve those obstacles. Keeping in line with the obstacles listed above, some examples could be: To talk with my spouse regarding our responsibilities, To organize my time at work on Sunday night, To get to bed 45 minutes earlier each night for the next two weeks, To schedule a 15 minute meeting with my boss to discuss my concerns and value to my job and finally, To ask the kids to clean their rooms, so I can get dinner started 30 minutes earlier.

As you can see, taking control of your life is possible when you decide to take action. As a life coach, I can help you organize your thoughts and translate them into a workable action plan that gets you the right results and control of your life!

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Providing effective life coaching to you is my goal. Well, what makes for an effective life coaching session?

The answer is, that life coaching is all about you and what you want to accomplish. It's a solid 45-60 minutes of 100% focus on your life - where you are now and how to get to where you want to be!

To help accomplish my goal, of helping you achieve your goals, I have studied and mastered cutting-edge strategies and technologies that get results. I have studied the likes of the best coaches and personal success philosophers there are today, like Anthony Robbins, Dr. Stephen Covey, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield and Dr. Shad Helmstetter.

In addition to being certified by Dr. Helmstetter as a life coach, I've also read and captured the essence of dozens of works with a concentration on goal setting, self-talk, mental programming, mental laws, positive thinking, manifesting abundance and human potential psychology. Simply put, I know what it takes to get the results you want and it will show just after one session, guaranteed!