Or the final years of your life will be painful.
For many baby boomers, the future looks bleak. If your pension plan survived the recent financial correction, you are among the fortunate ones. If you have managed to retain a job to retire from then you are among the fortunate ones.
If your future looks as bleak as it does for thousands of baby boomers, then your alternative is to look at what you can to do to change your future.
One option for baby boomers is to open a business. Notice I did not say buy a business because that requires money and risk that many baby boomers can ill afford. But there are opportunities for small business and with the knowledge, experience and changes in promotion thanks to social media, there are opportunities for baby boomers.
Eat the Rhino can help you decide if your business idea will create a viable business plan. It will help you with the mindset issues including the lack of confidence and disillusionment many baby boomers have experienced over the last few years.
And there are benefits both personally and locally, if baby boomers keep active, involved and contributing.
The advantages include better health because the mind is busy and active which reduces the chances of dementia. Also with the activity, the sitting around feeling sorry for oneself decreases. There is an opportunity to earn money to buy more that what any pension would provide. And considering that most baby boomers (suggested as high as 90-95%) are likely to be broke, and then any extra money is a bonus with the increasing prices on basics
And we keep the knowledge in the system. After all thirty to forty years of training and life experience is a shame to lose.
And the community benefit – baby boomers opening a business and hiring one person could wipe out unemployment.
Written by Roberta and Peter Budvietas using their 40 years of experience in starting and supporting business growth including recent new business using social business.
You can get a copy of Eat the Rhino at Smashwords or directly from Eat the Rhino TODAY. Change your future in 30 bites.
Remember you need to open it and start working through it. Tell others that you are working on a business idea on twitter – tweet that you bought the book.

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Roberta Budvietas is a passionate purposeful presenter who has helped hundreds of people start a business. Eat the Rhino is available at http://www.eattherhino.com and is the latest publication of Budvietas.com Ltd. Roberta and Peter have studied and worked with business for over 40 years and enjoyed both personal success and failure and they know why things fail.