Whenever you turn the knob of the shower to remove all the dirt and sweat from your body, you probably don’t think much about plumbing issues that might happen because of that. Now, how would have thought that a simple showing habit can actually become one of the reasons for plumbing issues, where you end up calling a plumber in Pittsburgh! So, what are those bad plumbing habits that you need to avoid? Here are some of them; see if you are doing a few.

A long hot shower

Everyone likes to take a hot shower on a winter morning. No matter how much you want the dripping hot water flowing down the shower and pouring over your body, it not only becomes one of the main reasons to have a dry skin problem, but you are also creating the right environment for mold to grow in the bathroom! And you know very well that mold growth can cause a lot of issues. Hence, to combat this, always have proper ventilation in the bathroom. Keep the humidity out of the bathroom. Open the windows once you are done showing. Else, use the bathroom fan so that it can chuck out the excessive moisture. Plus, keep your showing time limited to ten minutes. That way, your skin will be protected, and molds will stay out of the scene as well.

Leaving the loofah in the shower

Now, you might question, where on earth will you keep the loofah if not the bathroom, right? But a wet loofah can create the same issues as above. A wet loofah can add to the humidity level, allowing bacteria to penetrate in the bathroom. This innocent mistake can also become a reason for mold growth. The solution, once you are done showering, take the loofah with you. Let it dry under the sun, and then store it someplace safe. Use it again when you go to the bathroom to take a shower.

You are allowing hair to drain

Blockages in the pipes are the common plumbing issues. If you pay attention to the material that is causing blockages, you will notice that hair is one of the most prevalent materials to be found among those blockage materials. It is best not to allow hair to drain when you shower. Hair can cause severe blockage issues. The best thing to do is to use drain cover. Once you are done showering, collect your hair and throw it in the dustbin. That’s all you need to do to prevent blockages.

You are leaving water on the bathroom floor

You never let water sit in the kitchen, then why do you let water sit on the bathroom floor? It is always better to clean the floor of the bathrooms once you are done using it. Always double-check. Standing water means increasing the chances of slipping, and it can destroy grout, increase in mold growth, and even warp the floor. It is never a good idea to leave behind standing water in the bathroom. Clean the floor every time you use the bathroom, and let it remain dry.

Hard water build-up

Hard water is never good for your skin and hair, but there is one trouble that hard water can cause, and that is blocking the nozzles of the showerhead. If you can see some dry and flaky substances around the nozzles, it means that you are receiving hard water from the water supply. Rather than ignoring it, you should instead clean the showerhead.

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