For a parent, the well-being of their child is of utmost important. The next thing that is of priority is the comfort that a parent should experience while they are seeing to the well-being of their child. When a child is born the responsibilities of the parents increase by tenfold. They not only have to look after the household chores as well as earning responsibilities as before but now they also have to make sure that the baby is comfortable. To do so the parents cannot be around them or even within hearing distance from them all the time. Sometimes it so happens that the baby is asleep and hence the mother might want to finish a few chores which might need her to be away from the baby for a while. Meanwhile the baby might get fussy in sleep or might even wake up and cry and the mother might not even be aware of it.

Such and many more problems may occur and the best solution for such problems is investing in a baby monitor. A baby monitor is an electronic device which when installed in the baby’s room or in the vicinity that the baby sleeps or plays can help you hear the sounds and movements made by the baby hence keeping you alert whether the baby is comfortable or not. First, when the baby monitors were invented where it worked like a walkie talkie where one would be placed by the baby and the other would be carried around by the parent wherever they go. But these had limitations in the form of that you can only hear sounds and do not have a live video access of the baby. But with the technology Improving everyday where there is a single device which is placed in the baby’s room and the live feed can be accessed by the parent through their smartphones. Not only that but it also has some additional features like knowing the temperature of the baby’s room and so on.

When you want to buy a baby monitor you want to buy the best baby monitor for the sake of your child. For that you must not have left any online store or any electronic showroom unchecked and must have gone through all the baby monitor reviews. But it is not so simple buying a baby monitor and in spite of so much research parents commit some common mistakes which are as follows:

1. Choose a baby monitor according to your personality:
This is something every parent should consider before buying a baby monitor. As we know baby monitors are of two types, one which only has audio output and one with audio as well as video output. If you are an extremely anxious parent you might stay glued to your video baby monitor and cannot have any work done in spite of using a baby monitor. For a parent like you a baby monitor with an audio output will work the best as it would effectively notify you when the baby is awake and needs you instead of you checking the video feed of the monitor every other second.

2. Determine your needs for a baby monitor:
With so many option available out there and all of them with some or the other special features it is worth taking some time to determine the needs for which you are planning to buy a baby monitor. You might want a baby monitor to check on your baby from your office desktop or you might want a baby monitor which covers a wide range as you live in a big house or you can also opt to buy a baby monitor with just the audio feature or with an audio as well as video feature.

3. Your sleep is important too:
Depending on the type of baby monitor you buy they are bound to emit a lot of light and beeps. Make sure they are enabled to be turned on and off as per your convenience so that you can get that precious sleep when the baby is also asleep.

4. Wifi connection:
This is especially important if you are using a baby monitor with a wifi connection. Make sure the wifi connectivity is strong in the baby’s room otherwise the baby monitor is bound to create problems with the regular video feed which can leave you anxious more than before when you did not have a baby monitor.

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Sagar is well experience writer in article he has explained simple guide that parents usually make while buying baby monitor