Listening to music is an activity that provides incomparable pleasure and allows you to relax both your body and mind.

Among the many places where you can listen to music, there is one that seems very appropriate: the shower or bath. Indeed, this is the time to take care of your body. So why not take the opportunity to take care of your mind too?

But what are the many benefits of listening to music during the shower? Let us look at them in detail:

· This helps to relieve the stress of a day at work or a day taking care of your home.
· The combination of music and liquid element (water) creates a positive energy that invades the body and brain.
· The relaxation created by listening to music in the shower puts us in a good state of mind and has a positive effect on our mood.
· Some types of music such as classical music or relaxing music (with natural sounds, for example) activate the secretion of nitric acid in the body, which functions as an anticoagulant and reduces cholesterol production.
· It has been scientifically proven that listening to music stimulates neural connections, making you, in a way, more intelligent.
· The shower time is when you are completely alone with yourself, which makes it easier for you to connect your body and mind.
· Singing or humming when listening to music causes the secretion of endorphins, which are the hormones of happiness.

Okay.... But what kind of music to listen to in the shower?
Even if listening to music while taking a shower is good for your health, not all styles of music have the same effect.

Here is a list of the different types of showering music:

· Classical music: This is the ideal style of music to stimulate creativity and develop new ideas, as it helps to recreate neural connections and allows people to concentrate better.
· Pop and techno: these styles of music stimulate the body, bring joy and keep negative emotions and fears away.
· Jazz and Blues: they allow you to develop an atmosphere of tranquility conducive to concentration and reflection.
· Hip Hop and Electronic Music: If you like to practice physical exercises before taking a shower, these are the preferred musical styles because they stimulate the brain and are appropriate for this type of exercise.
· Salsa: This music helps reduce stress and produces physical, mental and emotional benefits by stimulating the production of dopamine and adrenaline.
· Reggae: Like Hip Hop and electronic music, reggae is ideal to accompany your physical exercises.
· Metal and Hard rock: this style is very particular because it provokes a wide range of stimulating sensations, then, when the music is turned off, it provokes reflection and nostalgia.

And when is the best time to take a shower?
On this point, opinions are divided: some prefer the morning, others opt for the evening.

Let's look in detail at the 2 options:

· Evening: the advantage of the evening is that you have no time restrictions. You can take all the time you need to make the most of your shower and get out completely relaxed, rested and ready for a good night's sleep. However, be careful with the water bill!
· Morning: In the morning you have more time constraints but the morning shower has the advantage of preparing you for an active day that will require all your energy.

And you, what benefits do you get from listening to your favorite songs in the shower? And what is your favorite time to take a shower or bath? Tell us in the comments!

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