These are not what you might call useful vouchers. They're designed to try and get rid of stock that people aren't usually interested in, rather than giving the customers something that they actually want. However, there are a growing number of websites, of which Voucher King is one, appearing online and providing customers with money-off codes for a wide variety of retailers stocking products you might actually want. The website works with big-name and local vendors to give you money off various products with the likes of Ann Summers Voucher Codes and M&S Voucher Codes .

All you have to do is search through the lists of vouchers over fourteen categories until you find one you like, then click on the Reveal Code button. This will open the retailer's website and reveal the code at the same time – after you've selected your items, there'll usually be a point before you pay when you can enter the voucher code, which will then be taken into consideration and recalculated to find the total amount of your order. It's really that simple!

This is a fantastically easy way of saving a few pounds here and there with little to no hassle as far as you're concerned. Rather than having to clutter your wallet with scraps of paper, it's all done online so you can use them at your leisure (although don't be too leisurely about it – they still have expiration dates on them). Using these vouchers wherever you can is especially important given that things still aren't doing particularly well in terms of the economy – whatever you can save will soon begin to add up, even if it's only a few pennies at a time. In particular, it's worth keeping an eye out for vouchers that offer money off when you go out to eat, as it can be a very cost-effective way of enjoying your evenings or doing something a little bit different with your weekend.

Because the service that the company provides is so good, you might think that there's a hidden catch or some extra fees that you're going to have to pay. However, this is a completely free and legal service brought to you by those who want to ensure that you save as much as you possibly can on the products you really want. You may sometimes have to meet certain conditions to get your money off, but these will be listed on the website wherever possible. Keep searching for the latest offers and deals – if you're not careful, you might miss a good one!

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