If you’re in a difficult situation, the instinct is usually to avoid additional conflict and just curl up into a little ball. If that sounds like you- improve your game immediately! Inaction will be the downfall of all things you’ve built. When you sense trouble, you need to act. Rocking the boat is impossible at this point, and even if you don’t wish to cause any drama, or your partner insists that everything is fine, trust your gut or your worries will eat away at you and become relationship problems in themselves.

Take action now!

* You need to know that your partner is happy within the relationship. Even if finding this out seems like more trouble than its worth, addressing your concerns directly can avoid bigger problems further down the road. Most people aren’t prepared to admit that anything’s wrong until EVERYTHING’S wrong, but when you see the signs early there’s still time for you to fix things before they get beyond control.

* Apply a rule of creating a great feeling emergency reserve. If your lover is “a little unhappy,” you will want to start building good emotions. Each and every time you get in a fight, you’d better apply even more good feelings on the top. Whenever things get stressed because of reasons that are out of your control, using a reserve of good feelings built up might stop a split up before it happens.

* Eliminate any “wait and see” mindset you probably have. If your philosophy is “we’ll just weather the storm,” then your sex life most likely won’t! Every partnership requires continuous treatment and attention. When you apply a wait and see attitude, problems will sneak on you every time (and they may have already grown too large that you should control)!

Function as the fixer

I’ve seen numerous bad relationships get back on track and I’ve seen many others fail- but the a single thing I have not seen is a troubled relationship getting better without a minumum of one partner who's determined to BE THE FIXER, and who is working hard to repair the problem. People think constantly that “all you need is love.”

Well I’m a big Beatles fan, but unfortunately love isn’t all you need for your relationship to outlive! You also need 1. Understanding 2. Nurturing 3. Conversation 4. Romance 5. Forgiveness 6. Sharing 7. Space 8. Attention 9. Levity 10. Discipline… the list goes on and on! If you are taking an energetic role to maintain a contented relationship, all of your hard work will come back to you in the form of your partner’s love. Don’t hesitate of being both team organizer and team booster, you can’t expect your relationship to have any cheerleaders if you‘re not willing to step-up and take control!

More advice on relationship restoration

Consult more of our articles if you need assistance taking the right steps in mending your relationship. If you want to earn your partner’s love, you’ll have to work for it! Making the right moves in a delicate situation could possibly be the distinction between a long romantic relationship and a quick end-- be sure you plot your course before you take the next step, then seize control and steer your relationship in the correct direction!

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