The following is a script for a healing meditation. This is based on one of the meditations I have been using for my own healing. Use this as a beginning. Read through it several times until you get the basic idea. Your meditation should be and will be specific for your intentions and beliefs, but feel free to use all or any of this script.

Begin by getting into a comfortable and relaxed position. It’s not necessary to sit in any particular position, just as long as you feel comfortable. Lying down is fine, however you may tend to fall asleep and it’s important that you remain awake for the meditation to be of full benefit.

Begin to allow your body to relax.

Take a couple of deep breathes. As you breathe in allow your abdominal area to expand. As you breathe out, imagine that you are releasing tension from your body. You may be surprised even at this point to recognize how much tension is in your body.

The following is what is called fractional relaxation:

Begin to focus your attention at the crown of your head. You may like to imagine that a light, liquid in form, is beginning to spread out from the crown of your head. The light is about the consistency of honey, and as it spreads across the top of your head you feel it relaxing any tension there may be in this area. You may feel a tingling sensation. It could begin to feel warm or cool, depending upon your needs for the moment. This is your meditation and whatever is needed is being provided.

Move down to your forehead. As you do so, you know that the top of your head has been placed in a state in relaxation.

Continue to feel this sensation as it slowly spreads across your forehead and down the back of your head. You could have this happen simultaneously or first across the forehead and then down the back of the head. Whatever feels most comfortable for you. Just focus and relax that portion of your body.

As you continue to move through each portion of your body, know that the act of concentrating and focusing has placed each previous area into a state of relaxation.

Relax your eyes. Relax your eyelids. Relax your cheeks. Imagine a feeling of flowing or melting as the light travels through your body. You feel a slight smile, which tends to relax the face. It feels so good to be taking the time to do this.

Continue to breathe and with each breathe you feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed. Repeat the word “relax” slowly each time you exhale.

Relax each portion of your body this way. Take your time. Concentrate on that portion of your body and repeat the word relax as you exhale.

Relax your shoulders. Imagine the liquid or light slowly moving across your shoulders, down your arms and with it cleansing and removing negative energy and tension.

Continue with your chest area and your abdomen. Relax your back, first the upper back then the lower back. Go to the pelvis area, the thighs, the calves and the feet. With each breathe you become more and more relaxed.

Your entire body is now relaxed and calm. It feels so good to be this relaxed. Now simply relax, calmly, enjoying this feeling. Thank your body for relaxing. Thank your Higher Power for the ability to enter this state.

Now imagine that you find yourself at the top of stairway. You feel compelled to see what is at the bottom of the stairwell. It’s well lit and you know it is safe and you will be blessed in some way as you descend the stairs. You feel yourself slowly floating down, counting from one to ten as you go down deeper. One, two, three. You are going deeper and deeper. Four, five, six. With each step you feel yourself going deeper and deeper.

At the bottom of the stairs you find yourself in an empty movie theatre. You are at the back of the movie theatre and there is a blank screen out in front of you. It’s your own personal mental screen. On the screen, create an image in your mind of an area of the body which you believe to need healing. Whatever it is that you would like to heal, imagine what the problem may look like. Create an image on the screen in front of you. It may appear to you as a dark area or it may appear to be pulsing. Take your time and allow your mind to create an image that works for you. Examine the image and give your inner guidance the time and information it needs to provide whatever healing is necessary.

As you are watching the screen you begin to see an image enter into your peripheral vision. The image may take the form of light, or an angel or Jesus. This image represents healing. Your mind will produce the image that you need. As the image moves towards the screen, you begin to realize that a healing is about to take place. It may be that toxins are being removed, or your immune system is being restored or strengthened. You may see a reduction of swelling or perhaps the image is wrapping a painful area in a solution of natural pure anesthesia. You may see a swirling or flowing, or it could be more concise, as a vision of cells being repaired. You might notice small pieces of the dark area being carried away. They may get smaller and smaller until they just poof out of existence. Continue to breathe in pure health and breathe out any energy that is not aligned with Divine Self.

As the healing is taking place, you begin to notice that the screen is coming closer to you. You can picture yourself now completely healed. As the screen continues to move closer you now see that the image is wrapping itself around you. You and the image are fusing, becoming one. You are now one. You feel the energy of the healed you. It feels so good to feel this way. You begin to feel the excitement, the passion, the love that comes from being so healthy. A feeling of brightness fills every cell of your being in an explosion of intense gratitude and love. You are a precious and divine spiritual being. You are so grateful to be a part of the Universe, whole, happy and healthy. Bask in this feeling. Continue to relax and feel the intense love that comes from the knowing who you are. Stay in this moment as long as like.

When you are ready, slowly begin to feel yourself coming back into your room. Feel the furniture you are sitting on. Feel your clothing next to your body. Slowly count to five as you come out of your mediation. Open your eyes feeling relaxed, healthy and whole.

It’s not impossible of course that you could have an instantaneous healing. It is more likely however that you will experience the benefits over a period of time. But have no doubt; you will experience the physical and psychological benefits of meditation if you practice regularly.

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This meditation was written and is practiced by me, Gwen Phillips. I have a rare neurological disorder which results in an abnormal gait when I walk. After practicing these meditations, along with another mind/body healing program, I have seen profound improvement in a very short time. Visit me at my blog for more information and to receive a free e-course.