Tai Chi is one of my favorite forms of exercise, and I recommend it to anybody who wants to stay healthy and happy as the years go by. Here’s why:
Tai Chi is a Chinese system of slow meditative physical exercise designed for relaxation, balance and health. It was originally designed especially for self-defense and meditation. I personally find it most useful as a form of moving meditation.
In the West, it’s no secret, that we are pushed and primed for speed and performance in all areas of life. We are constantly tested to see how much we can achieve and produce in a single day, week, month, year, etc. Yet in the East, they have mastered the secrets to health and longevity, and have known how to for quite a long time! As Westerners, in typical fashion, we rush to catch up, or even better, we wait for media to inform us that there’s been some new discovery or finding to which we should subscribe! The fact is that the same principles that applied thousands of years ago, apply today and they’ve always been there waiting for us to remember. Therein lies the secret – our goal should be to slow down, to learn how to lay a new blueprint of motion and thought that we can apply to our lives. The objective is to create mindful awareness and centeredness within our body/mind/spirit entity, by way of methods that ask for our complete attention and consciousness. Tai Chi is one such way.
By practicing this ancient art form, we are able to get in touch with our true essence – spirit. We are literally able to slow our minds and desires and energies down long enough that we can call our spirits more fully back into our bodies. We clear away from our energetic bodies, that which is not currently necessary to focus on. Our minds become a blank canvas on which our souls can temporary paint the present moment, with total ease. Through the natural, flowing and smooth movements of Tai Chi, we come to realize the full meaning of the term ‘path of least resistance’ as it applies to our lives, and as a result, better understand what it means to flow in sync with the universe and its changes and patterns. In this way, Tai Chi literally becomes a pathway in which we can reconnect to nature – and the natural order of things – which is total connectedness and wholeness. It calms the mind, the spirit, and the body, allowing us to connect with and set a new vibration in our bodies at any given time. It can be a priceless way to deal with stress or otherwise eliminate unwanted energies in the aura field.
One of my favorite elements of the philosophy of Tai Chi is that it’s not about perfection, but just to participate in the process and intention of self-control and awareness, self regulation and wholeness. I see it as a metaphor for a way of living based on the Taoist tradition. Focus on unity, and remain as an observer toward those things we are not meant to be come attached to in life. Put all things in their respective places. Feel, live, laugh, love, be grateful, and enjoy. Experience life in all of its ups and downs and be resilient in its flow.
On the physical level, the results are equally as profound. Below is a short summary of the wellness benefits of Tai Chi.

The Benefits of Tai Chi
-boosts immune system
-slows aging
-cleanses body/mind/and emotions due to slow movements
-uncovers and releases all areas of blocked tension or energy
-renews body at cellular level by increasing the quality of Chi flow through the body
-strengthens bone mass and connective tissue
-balance and coordination improvements twice as effective as any other form of exercise
-helps body become aware of pain and problems before they become full-blown
-helps relieve chronic pain conditions
-tones muscles
-increases breathing capacity
-lowers stress levels
-improves organ function
-corrects poor postures
-helps the body maximize it's self-healing potential
-burns 280 calories per hour...almost equivalent to downhill skiing
-very safe, low impact
-lengthens the body (tension shortens it and us, even more than gravity as we age)
- stimulates liquid systems of the body to oil the joints and keep them supple even into old age

Find local classes, purchase videos, or have a trainer teach you how to get into the chi! Your entire being will thank you.

Yours in fitness,

Author's Bio: 

Andrew Mackey is a holistic health and fitness expert of 12 years, based in San Diego, California who is leading the movement of blending the applications of spiritually based self growth with personal workouts and private training. His multi-dimensional approach to training clients incorporates the use of astrology, numerology, spiritual counseling and coaching, working with the chakra system to promote energy balancing and harmony for maximal lifeforce, tai chi, yoga, reiki, functional resistance training, plyometrics, qigong healing techniques and practice, cardiovascular and athletic conditioning. (www.mackeyfit.com for more info)He is a pioneer in the intuitive implementation of these respective fields. Andrew is a personal student of world renowned Dr. Norm Shealy (www.normshealy.com) in the midst of obtaining his doctorate of Theology (Th.D) in Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine. He is also a graduate of Purdue University with degrees in Exercise Science and Communication.