One of the most precious gifts that China has given to the world of fitness is Tai Chi. Rooted in Taoism, Tai Chi is a mind-body technique that provides exercise and meditation through the practice of breathing and controlled but flowing movements. As a form of exercise, it develops flexibility and grace. It also promotes balance and coordination while strengthening the core muscles so it can provide the body with stability. As a form of meditation, Tai Chi promotes focus, concentration and discipline through regular practice of its postures. It is said to promote healing and has a profound effect on an individual's way of life.

Tai Chi for beginners entails an understanding of the interconnection of the energies of body, mind and spirit. In traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture and shiatsu, our bodies are lined with energy channels or meridians. When these energy points running from the tips of our fingers to our internal organs to the tips of our toes get blocked, all sorts of illnesses begin to develop. The movements in Tai Chi do not only free up blocked energies but also enable a practitioner to understand himself or herself and the emotional and physical connections within his body. Through the regular practice of the movements, Tai Chi produces inner strength, mental clarity and some say, even spiritual enlightenment.

If you want to get started with this technique to improve your overall physical and emotional health, here are some Tai Chi for beginners tips that you might find helpful:

1. Look for a qualified Tai Chi teacher. Ask around to get recommendations.

2. If you want to practice Tai Chi on your own, buy an instructional video, manual or book on the subject. Read through or watch the whole thing first, paying particular attention to form and details before actually practicing it. Without a Tai Chi instructor, you have to be particularly vigilant about breathing and moving techniques.

3. Get a friend to practice with you. Having a support system will make it easier to stick to your regimen.

4. If you want to get the full benefits of Tai Chi, there are three things you must do: Practice, practice and practice.

5. If possible, use Tai Chi shoes. These are soft-soled footwear that make your feet feel the energy of the earth. The rationale is that the energy from the earth will also revitalize your body.

6. Be continually aware about how you move in your daily tasks. Mind your posture. You will eventually learn to incorporate the smooth and flowing movements of Tai Chi into how you walk, run, lift objects, and even in your stance as you wash dishes or iron your clothes.

7. Always feel a connection all life around you as you do your movements. Be sensing but relaxed.

8. Always be sensitive to your base when you practice. You must always feel yourself connected to the ground. Your movements must always get initiated from the natural energy flowing from your base to your hands.

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