Risk can be defined as an uncertainty associated with the exposure or the probability of loss. Rewards and risks always go hand in hand. You see a lot of successful online wholesalers on E-bay and Amazon. What do you think? Have they gained success without bearing any risk or loss? Obviously not! Every business move or activity endures a considerable amount of risk of loss. As in wholesale business large quantities are dealt with, the chances of loss are more. A single blunder in a wholesale business can ruin your entire business and throw you out of the market.

Wholesalers and distributors should know clearly what types of risks are involved in their business and what can be the possible ways to reduce them. Though they cannot eliminate the risks completely yet they can minimize them with effective planning. This article elaborates how different wholesale business risks can be avoided.

Insurance of wholesale products:

There is always a risk that wholesale products may loose their value in warehouse or in transit as a result of wear and tear or may damage due to fire, rain or any other natural disaster. This risk can be reduced by insurance. There can be two types of insurances for wholesale products;

1. Insuring the goods in transit
2. Insuring the goods in warehouse

Though insurance requires constant premium to be paid by the wholesalers yet it is a big shield against any potential loss.

Research your suppliers:

In online wholesale business there is always a risk of choosing fake suppliers or dropshippers. If you place orders with them, you lose your money. They are especially successful in trapping wholesale newbie. There are many examples newbie and their sad experiences with fake suppliers. This risk can only be eliminated with proper research. You should search the internet, talk to the old customers of your suppliers and gather their history before placing your order.

Check credit worthiness of your customers:

As wholesale business deals in large quantities the risk of defaulter is also great. Large quantities have massive profits at stake. The default risk can only be eliminated if you check the credit worthiness of your debtors properly. If your debtor has a bank account you can ask from the bank about the credit worthiness of your customer. Also, you can take advance or a security deposit just in case.

Devise effective marketing strategy:

For wholesalers, there is always a risk of lack of demand. This risk can be avoided by proper market research and proper forecasting of the demand of wholesale products. Also, if wholesalers have procured the wholesale products but their demand does not seem to be good in the market they should create the demand by devising a proper marketing plan. They should use advertising media to bring their produce in the eyes of their potential customers.

Risks are always there in any business. All you have to do is to follow the above guidelines or tips to tackle them.

Author's Bio: 

William King is the director of Wholesale Suppliers, Wholesale Distributors and Wholesalers. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.