You know how you can have a stack of papers piling up on the corner of your desk?
You see it there every day.
You dread dealing with it.
Maybe even try to ignore it, yet when you are on the phone, it distracts you.
You can’t help but take a peak.
Maybe even pick up a piece of it, thinking you can multi-task while on the phone.
In miscellaneous ways, it gnaws at you for days or weeks – even months.

And then it comes time to go out of town, perhaps headed for that much needed vacation and you kick into overdrive and PRESTO – that pile is done. Gone.

That Presto thing seems like a close cousin of The Easy Button.

Have you ever wished you could press a button that would make you kick in a little sooner so that you could work with less stress and less worry and even hear “that was easy” a little sooner?

If so – have you ever tried a timer?

Set a time, like right after lunch, to crank through paperwork. Put the stack in the middle of your desk before you leave for lunch. When you return, set your timer for 30 minutes and focus on paperwork. Nothing else. Pretend you have blinders on. Actually put them on if you have to. Don’t answer the phone or e-mail or facebook or twitter. Don’t answer your door. Put earplugs in if you have to. You’ll be free to do all of that after you work at crank speed for just 30 minutes. When the 30 minutes is up, put the stack aside (out of sight if possible).

Go through the same process the next day. And the next. Build your stamina up to 45 minutes. And then 60. With this kind of practice, you’ll be building a great skill that will be valuable for years to come. A skill that will enable you to get the have-to’s done quicker so that you can do more of your want-to’s.

Ready to get started?
I know, I know. It’s not easy.
At least – it’s not easy to decide and commit and then follow through.
But once you do…
then Presto!

Wow – that WAS easy!

Author's Bio: 

Jan has thirty years of sales and management experience and loves sharing it (plus her love for solving problems and for making work fun) with others so that they can get through tough situations, make big goals and celebrate these achievements.

She is now President of Business Class Inc which provides resources to managers and business owners such as one-on-one coaching, master mind groups and management team retreats. Plus FREE resources such as a Blog, E-Zine and Quote Libary, which includes over 100 motivational quotes ready to download, print, post and share to help teach, learn, remind and reinforce important keys for business success.