The U.S. FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has officially warned Brooklyn resident Victor Rosario, by sending him the legal notice because the Bitcoin (BTC) miner was causing harmful interference to T-Mobile’s broadband network.

The notification of harmful interference given to him states that the “Antminer S5” mining product in his residence was generating unauthentic emissions on frequencies. This notice made clear that Rosario could face severe consequences if he keeps operating the equipment for Bitcoin mining.

The FCC warned:

“Continued operation of this device that causes harmful intrusion after reception of this warning constitutes a violation of the centralized laws cited above and could subject the operator to strict penalties, including, but not limited to, significant financial fines, in rem arrest activity to seize the offending radio equipment, and illegal sanctions including imprisonment.”

He has 20 days left from the date of the forewarning, which was delivered on 15th February 2018, to answer numerous questions about the device and where he purchased it, asking Rosario particularly to “provide the Manufacturer, Model, Serial Number, and if there is any FCC labeling identification on the device with the proof of acquisition for the miner” Jessica Rosenworcel, the commissioner of the FCC, tweeted on the official notice with the comment that it “all seems so very 2018.”

In Washington State, Bitcoin mining weighed down the electrical infrastructure of an entire district because of the growing numbers of miners gathering to gain benefits of Washington’s cut-priced electricity. In 2016AT&T said that its network was suffering from interference caused by a range of electronic operations, including major video displays, industrial lighting systems, LED lights, and FM radio stations. These interference situations could happen more commonly and become more complex as more devices are connected to wireless networks, and wireless networks extend more and more frequency bands. T-Mobile is also facing a federal lawsuit for allowing hackers to steal users’ cryptocurrencies.

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Ricky Makan is a venture capitalist and Crypto Enthusiast best known for pioneering the market for Digital Marketing. He is a Co-founder of Unkrypted, a platform which provides the latest news and information that helps understand everything about the ever-evolving world of digital currencies.