Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in men responsible for promoting the growth of secondary sex characteristics. Several men suffer from low testosterone symptoms, without knowing about it. Most of them attribute such symptoms to increasing age. Low testosterone not only affects libido, it also upsets your normal routine with low energy levels. The best way to boost testosterone levels is to maintain a healthy lifestyle through nutritious diet and regular exercise. Dietary supplements, like Ageless Male, can also enhance waning testosterone levels. Know more about what physiological and behavioral changes can be brought on about by low levels of testosterone in your body.

Signs and symptoms of low testosterone

Decrease in sex drive: Men may begin to feel disinterested in sex and experience fewer and weaker erections. Impotence, a reduction in penis and testicle size, and infertility are also linked to low testosterone.

Depleted energy levels: A dip in testosterone also marks a dip in your energy level. You may feel exhausted and completing everyday chores might seem to take longer than usual.

Mood changes: Depression, sadness, low confidence and lack of self-esteem can all be caused by low testosterone levels. Some men also find it harder to concentrate and experience memory loss.

Loss in muscle mass: It can also lead to muscle shrinkage and excess body fat.

Decrease in bone density: Declining testosterone may cause a reduction in bone mineral density. This may turn out to be a risk factor for frail and weak bones, and eventually osteoporosis.

Low testosterone can also disturb sleep patterns. This hormonal change can bring about sleep disturbances and insomnia.

Men may also notice a decrease in the amount of chest hair because of low testosterone.

Breast tenderness or swollen breasts can also be a sign of reduced testosterone levels in men.

If you experience any of the above symptoms for an extended period of time, it's advisable to consult a doctor. Most of these symptoms are also brought on by aging. So if you or your doctor suspect low testosterone to be the culprit, get a blood test done to ascertain the cause. Taking testosterone supplements or undergoing testosterone therapy without verifying whether the testosterone levels are low is unsafe.

If you plan to take a testosterone supplement, go through several reviews to determine the quality of the product. For example, reading up Ageless Male reviews will tell you how the product has helped several users to increase their testosterone levels and regain energy and stamina. Effects of low testosterone can be difficult to deal with, but it's equally important to get the right diagnosis done before you begin any treatment or start using a testosterone-boosting product.

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