What are some of the symptoms of inner peace? How do you know that you really have inner peace and serenity?

In this time and age, we tend to get stressed over many things in life as we live in a fast paced world. Family, friends, job, health among other things are causing millions of people stress and anxiety on a daily basis. Some of this stress is light and we can deal with it easily and some of it is not too easy that it takes effort and time to manage and handle

As stress increases in our lives, we begin to search for various ways to attain peace of mind. The real question however is how do we know when we get there that we do have inner peace? What are the symptoms that will give us a clue that we have achieved serenity and inner peace?

I have listed below a few points to help you understand the characteristics and the symptoms of the person who has inner peace, so read on.

Symptoms of inner peace

Here are some of the symptoms of inner peace:

1. You give more

If you have inner peace and mind serenity, then you are likely to give yourself and others more of life riches. You would understand that the world is full of abundance and you would want to share what you have with your family, friends, and others. You would give more compassion to your fellow humans. You would express your love and appreciation to your loved ones.

Giving becomes a way of life. You would understand the concept of sow and reap. You would know that the more you give, the more God will give you back in return. Can you see the beauty of having a serene mind and inner peace?

2. You smile more

When you have inner peace, you would smile more and give others a warm smile that is coming from you heart, not a fake one. As I mentioned in my previous article “Smile 400 times a day” that adults smile on average 14 times a day while children smile around 400 times according to an American study that was done on smiling.

What this study shows is that as we get older, we tend to forget how to smile; hence we start accumulating stress, anxiety, and worry over the years.

What is the solution? You have got to smile more, so you start having inner peace. Look in the mirror with a big smile on your face. How does that feel? As you begin to smile, the positive energy will begin to settle within you and you will start finding inner peace to be part of you.

People who have incorporated smiling in their lives have realized whether consciously or unconsciously that it is an important symptom of having inner peace and reducing stress.

3. You are more relaxed

When you have little or no stress, your mind and body are more relaxed and you are able to breathe better and more easily. When you are relaxed, you shut off any stress you might be feeling and as you practice on a regular basis, inner peace becomes part of your life.

When you are relaxed mentally and physically, you crack up jokes, you have high energy, and feel like you can conquer the world.

Get up every two hours and stretch your arms and legs, and massage your body. Take a long walk or run. As I mentioned in my book “How to have peace of mind” that you would be surprised how little movement and relaxation techniques can help calm you down and release the stress and anxiety that is within you.

To recap, When you see yourself giving more to yourself and others, smiling more, loving others more, exercising and taking care of your health, know that you will be on the path to experiencing more inner peace and serenity in all aspects of life.

Once you become aware of the symptoms of inner peace, you will realize when you go off track and if you do go off track, you now have the tools to bring serenity back in your life.

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