symptoms of asthma that could be tracked easily

It is not necessary that asthma patients will always experience serious symptoms, which will prominently tell them that they are asthmatic. There are instance where one may be going through ‘silent asthma’ where the symptoms are so mild that it almost goes unnoticed. Here are some ways by which you can recognize these symptoms of asthma.

Early symptoms of asthma

Just before an asthma attack, there are some signs that the body shows. You need to stay alert and notice how you feel when you experience these symptoms. It may also happen that a person may experience different symptoms during each episode of an asthma attack. Some symptoms of asthma may look like cold and cough symptom but after some time the person, experiencing it will notice the difference.

  • Feeling tired and exhausted all day
  • Itching of throat and chin
  • Mood change
  • Sneezing
  • Continuous coughing which increases during the night
  • Dark circles start appearing under the eyes
  • Breathing problem
  • Stuffy or running nose

Asthma can be very serious if one ignores the early symptoms of the same. It can be avoided if proper precaution is taken at the right time. If your coughing is not being healed in, two to three weeks do not hesitate to visit the doctor. It is said that prevention is the best way to treat the problem, so a doctor will tell you by what ways you can prevent the asthma to avoid it getting more serious.
Your doctor may ask you to do a simple balloon exercise to make your respiratory track stronger and to prevent the asthma attack. Do this exercise and feel the difference after some days. Blowing a balloon is the best natural remedy asthma and must be practiced every day.

How to track the symptoms of asthma

Here is a simple way to track the asthma attack
Always keep a notepad and pen handy wherever you go. After an asthma attack episode is over, after things have become normal write down how you have felt. You will remember the exact experience when you note down things just after it happened. Whether you were feeling suffocated or tightening of the chest note down the feeling in details so that you can tell the same to your doctor.
Also, note down the factors that triggered the attack. It may be certain perfume, room freshener, presence of pets, dust, pollutions, or smoke. By noting down the factors, you will avoid them later to evade a possible asthma attack.
When you visit the doctor, carry this note pad, and tell him in details during which time your asthma is triggered the most. You need to make sure that you give him the exact details so that he can suggest you the appropriate medication.

These were some of the symptoms of asthma and possible ways to avoid the attack. Hope the reader benefits from it.

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