After the love if there’s anything that makes someone as happy as love itself – Chocolates. There’s nothing that comes close to the feeling of love apart from chocolates. Chocolates are the ultimate favorites of anybody and everybody. No matter which age group one belongs to, everybody has a special liking for chocolates. Chocolates are also considered to be a very addictive indulgence to deal with. Chocolate consumption has its own good share of advantages and disadvantages.


Chocolates are renowned to be aphrodisiac. They are also known to be anti-depressants. Eating chocolates help the mind to calm down in an instance. Chocolates are also full of anti-oxidant properties.


The major disadvantage of chocolates would be the calories that come along with it. Excessive chocolate intake can play havoc on the health. The making of a bar of chocolate involves milk, cocoa and lots of sugar. This is the reason why consuming chocolates excessively can lead to weight gain and fat accumulation.

The ideal option in this kind of case would be to switch to a much healthier version of chocolates - sugar free chocolates. These chocolates are the ideal way to indulge in chocolates as well as keep the calorie intake in control. This chocolate tends to contain less amount of sugar in comparison to an ordinary bar of chocolate. This form of chocolate is also preferable for the diabetic patients. Hence consumption of this form of chocolate can be done without any feeling of guilt. There are many benefits of this sugar free chocolate. Few of the benefits are stated below:

Good for the Heart –

The best form of a chocolate sugar free is the dark chocolate. This chocolate is meant to do more than good for the heart. It helps in stabilizing as well as reducing the blood pressure. A chocolate sugar free or with less sugar content also helps in reducing the cholesterol. Apart from this when stressed out a chocolate which is sugar free also stimulates the endorphin production which is the feel good hormone.

Weight Watchers –

Many people tend to crave for chocolates even more when on a diet or whilst they are attempting a weight loss program. And consuming a normal bar of chocolate during such a program can result in excessive chocolate consumption. This is the reason why many doctors and nutritionist suggest their clients to opt for a fat free chocolate. This chocolate will not just help in filling the chocolate craving but also will be beneficial to the weight loss program. This fat free chocolate is made using maltitol. This is yet another form of sugar, where the only difference is that this one contains half the amount of sugar in comparison to the regular sugar.

Diabetics –

These sugar free chocolates are also ideal for the diabetic patients. Because chocolate is something everybody craves for including the diabetic patients. Unfortunately they are supposed to follow a certain kind of diet. And a normal bar of chocolate is something that these diabetic patients are supposed to avoid completely. Hence these patients prefer this option of chocolate which is not just good to taste but is also low in sugar content.

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The ideal option in this kind of case would be to switch to a much healthier version of chocolates for sugar free chocolate sugar free chocolate and low carbohydrate fruit .