It is needless to say that people who promptly imbibe new skills and acquire experience from various places and situations are more easily adjusted to a corporate setup or change jobs for better opportunities. Some even consider undertaking a creative or technical course to boost their chances of getting better jobs.

Change is difficult, but switching jobs is necessary for both personal and professional growth. Some people switch jobs to embark on new challenges whereas for others it’s a golden chance to remove the underpaid tag. Learning a new language or taking up classes on it can open up endless new career possibilities with better remuneration packages and perks. Opting for a Thai language course in Kolkata can help aspirants and job seekers get better job opportunities in diverse sectors of Indian economy. From working as a corporate trainer to customer care representative to translator to public relations officer, there are no dearth of opportunities for multilingual. The proficiency in Thai language would give candidates a competitive edge in the job market.

What kinds of jobs are available after learning Thai language?

Direct career path after learning Thai are: lexicographer, speech and language therapist, languages teacher, translator, interpreter, copy editor, proofreader, tourist guide, flight attendant, marketing, journalism, law and IT. These jobs demand excellent verbal and written communication skills in Thai language and will allow candidates to utilize them in the best possible way. However, linguistic learners are not limited to these designations only. There are other ways they can demonstrate their expertise in the language in the sphere of education and research.

In the domain of digital marketing which has become highly sought-after, learning Thai or undertaking Thai language course in Kolkata can open up opportunities to work as online language blogger or content creator.

Work overseas by learning Thai language

Studies demonstrate that Thailand’s manufacturing industry and Bangkok’s Central Business District are extremely profitable. Working in the service sector jostled in Bangkok’s more central khet (districts), especially in the Central Business District is lucrative.

The l Stock Exchange of Thailand located in Bangkok, is of great significance to the whole Southeast Asian Market. Bangkok’s CBD also houses the regional branches of international banks (e.g. Barclays, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, HSBC) and numerous companies from the tourist or transport industries (especially airlines).

Those who have expertise in speaking Thai language are not restricted to getting jobs in Indian companies, they can also relocate abroad and get good job exposure there too. There are plenty of jobs up for grabs in top companies of Thailand. There are jobs in BPO, KPO, IT, Aviation, media, healthcare, education, tourism etc. Some of the lucrative positions are available in marketing and sales and administrative areas where impeccable oral communication skills to interact with the clients are the key.

The job prospects and scope is good for those coming from India and going to Thailand with sound command over the language. Job seekers going to Thailand will no more feel it daunting as their ability to speak in Thai will not only help them to make progress in their career but also communicate with the natives fluently.

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