What if you could change an “annoying” habit, simply by stating one word?

Would you do it? Or would you regress to an old way of thinking (“Oh, right! Like that’s gonna work for me?!?!?)?

What if you didn’t have to actively visualize what it is that you desire?

What if… it was more simple than memorizing and repeating long, drawn out affirmations?

Would YOU try it?

Or maybe you would prefer to keep doing what you have been doing, and keep receiving the same results… day after day after day?

During a time when folks were chanting, “Make Love, not war!”, author, James T. Mangan, was busy devising a system to help folks quickly move into a better way of being. A simplistic system that was toted as being able to help us “control the forces that mold and manipulate” our lives outlined in his book, The Secret of Perfect Living.

The system is called, Switchwords, and it has been slowly catching on since 1963! Today, there are over 11 MILLION hits for “affirmations”, but only 22,100 for Switchwords. Given its incredible simplicity, one would think it would be more well-known. Perhaps, it is because of its simplicity that not many people know about it, or use it.

Here’s the skinny…

One word, or a combination of words, may hold the keys to instantly shift your life into the life of your dreams!

If money is what’s shifting in your life… as in down the crapper kinda shifting… you can use either a Switchword or Switchphrase (a combo of Switchwords) to manifest what you need and/or shift your relationship with the energy of money.

Now, buttloads of cash may not instantly fall into your lap simply because you uttered your “magic” Switchwords. Then again, it may. Hell, only you know how powerful a manifestor you are.

But, if, however, you’re like most people, and you don’t have buttloads of cash spewing from every orifice, something pretty amazing WILL occur… and that is you will have unlocked the doors that your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND set in place to protect you (because at one time, or another, you felt you needed protection from repeating the “same ole s$#@!”… even though, your Subconscious Mind thrives on repetition/consistency. A cosmic joke that many do not find funny, I’m sure!).

Using Switchwords is like walking up to your Subconscious Mind and saying, “Open Sesame!”, for within your Subconscious Mind lies everything you have ever desired; every snippet of knowledge you’ve ever wanted to know and understand!

A Switchword helps make the Subconscious Mind… Conscious. You’re letting your Subconscious Mind know that it does matter, and that you are willing to be in right relationship with it.

Now, you don’t have to fully understand how Switchwords work in order for incredible shifts to occur in your life by using them. You may not fully understand a lot of things…

So, let’s play, Switch It!

What if… someone has really got your britches all twisted up and chafing you something fierce. Now, you could do what you normally do… go the “f” off, or… you can Switch It!

Mentally state… TOGETHER CLEAR (until you feel the shift). (The Switchwords, TOGETHER, is deemed THE master Switchword, and when you place it in the front of other Switchwords, you are clearly intending to be a MASTER in whatever follows and to dispel anger and resentment toward yourself and/or others.)

How do you feel? Key word here is feel. Although, there are no rules with Switchwords, you are ‘encouraged’ to invoke feeling when using them. This helps you be more connected to whatever you’re intending at the time.

What if… you’re a greedy son of a nutcracker who only looks out for YOU! Relax! There’s no judgment here! It’s just an example… If you’re looking to Switch It!, there is a way you can give back and help others.

Mentally state… TOGETHER OFFER. (to dispel greed)

Oh, snap! Was that the sound of your wallet opening just now?

What if… you’re everyone’s doormat, or your boundaries get crossed more than the letter “T”! Switch It!

Mentally state… TOGETHER LIMIT OPEN SWING. (to set parameters; regain control; free self/mind from inhibitions; increase courage/boldness)

Switching is pretty easy. Now, let’s talk about how, or why, affirmations fall short for some people.

What if… you’re someone who doesn’t feel beautiful or loved, and you’ve been affirming this “truth” for as long as you can remember? Saying the affirmation, “I am beautiful, and I deserve to be loved.” will more than likely cause your subconscious mind to panic like an addict missing a fix… and it’ll begin deleting the new programming, or perceived lie, before it can do any ‘harm’.

Remember… your subconscious mind can not discern what’s real or imagined, but it can discern EMOTIONS, or feelings. So, if you’re yakkin’ it, but ain’t feelin’ it… it’ll be deleted! Even if you’ve been stating affirmations forever, there is still much food for your subconscious mind to process and regurgitate.

Conscious You: “I am beautiful”
Subconscious You: “OMG! That’s a lie! Delete! Delete! Delete!”

But when you Switch It!, you leave your subconscious mind stumped… and compliant. It hasn’t a clue of what’s being claimed, so there’s little room to be disruptive and stop the new programming from settling in.

Conscious You: “TOGETHER CURVE UP”
Subconscious You: “I don’t understand it, but I get it!”

And suddenly, your perception of yourself has shifted… as if by magic.
Switchword combinations are endless, and they don’t make a whole lotta sense… which is a GOOD thing! Why? They prevent your subconscious mind… from rationalizing them and, ultimately, canceling them out!

It’s high time you put some WD-40® on your Subconscious Mind… and start experiencing life as it was meant to be!


Now, THAT’S a Switch It!

Author's Bio: 

Adonya Wong is a U.S. Navy Veteran, published children’s author, and owner of GetGemstoned.com! She manages a life of service through her many endeavors, which includes volunteering her time to organizations whose missions are serving and bettering the lives of the people within their communities, as well as being a mom to one of the most amazing people she’s ever known. Through her website, she offers personal growth tools and services to assist people in living a life that is aligned with their highest purpose.