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Are you contemplating switching jobs, and thoughts like how to find a job , where to find a job or help me find a job cross your mind, how about switching industries altogether; it can be a truly life changing experience. Going through the motions of our executive careers, at times the awkward feeling of working in the wrong industry crosses our minds and the mere thought of working in a different field excites us no end. Each one of us can surely get out of this situation, more so when opportunities in the current industry seem to get fewer and fewer. It is about time you move to an altogether different industry like hotel jobs in India or automobile jobs in India, which offers plentiful opportunities. No matter whatever happens to be the reason for making the switch, at any level - executive or otherwise, it surely does require some degree of groundwork on the part of the job seeker to make things really possible.

Transferable Skills

One needs to carefully assess the industry before considering it seriously as your next career destination. A very important aspect of switching careers from one industry like hardware jobs in India to corporate planning jobs in India, to the next is to accurately identify your transferable skills, first and foremost. Networking is by far the best way to transition to an altogether different industry. Another thing that you can do is blog about the target industry for that all important visibility. The mere thought of industry transition should get you thinking, this implies doing a bit of investigative work on your part. Conduct smart internet searches, visit different job boards, there are many LinkedIn groups which you may use to obtain relevant information that would enable you to ascertain the feasibility of carving out a career in a new industry.

Target Industry

This exercise is beneficial in that it does not make you waste any time forging a career in any industry with jobs in Pune or Jobs in Kolkata, where opportunities are few and far in between. You may also make some interesting observations along the way that a given industry looks relatively better from the outside, while the reality happens to be quite different. It helps to find out how the industry works, about the customers, the revenue streams, the big hitters. This helps you give shape and direction to your job search, while providing you really meaningful background knowledge. Find out about the requisite qualifications, and determine how much time you can devote, to procure the same, and at the end of it the overall effort is worth it or not. Have exploratory conversations with people from the target industry to determine if the leap is viable in the first place.

Make Headway

Your best bet is to make yourself as attractive a candidate as possible, to be able to appeal to headhunters, hiring managers and recruiters and make reasonable headway into a new industry say healthcare jobs . Always remember there is a downside to staying in one industry for too long, this can make you unemployable elsewhere. So go ahead by all means, seek and find a new opening in a brand new industry. Prepare well to improve your chances of success.

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There used to be a time when almost everybody studied with the express intent of working for a particular industry and spend an entire lifetime there.
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