Isn’t is amusing, how we fantasize the life of celebrities and models. Everyone gets naturally carried away on their style of dressing and living.

Have you ever taken a peek on their houses? If yes, then you would know that they are astonishing, just like the fan fiction movies.

However, the big mansions are not only a fantasy for the common people. The Tapestry Condo of Singapore furnishes the dream of every corporate, businessman and professional to view the house (read: Condo) of their dreams.

The mesmerizing cities of Singapore are not just made for tourist attraction. The architectural space lures the public to have a life here. The condos are designed to discover the treasure trove of life.

Not just one, in fact, there are hundreds of Condos built in the arena of Singapore. Enough of vague thoughts, it’s time to describe what treasure is hiding in the residency of the place.

Don’t worry we have covered some budgetary yet fancy Condos, exclusively for single borrowers.

1. Away from the Crowd, With Thomson Impressions

People are often lured by the high-priced celebrity style Condo buildings. Howbeit, Thomson Impression is a rarely discovered gemstone in the enclaves of Singapore. A highly affordable unit comes only at the cost of $770,000.

It is an elevated residential space of 19-towers. Not just one, there are 2 towers of the same height. To buy a house in such a luxurious space says that you will be living in a 288-unit building.

Surrounded by green grass and landed properties, the environment instills privacy and peace. By the end of the day if you wish to take a walk, the park area and retail shops just around the corner.

2. Hole Up in One Eighties Residences

One Eighties Residences, such an unusual yet satisfying name of apartments. As an added bonus, the living experience will be equally satisfying. The 52-unit building is a vet compact place to enjoy a bit of privacy and life away from the hussle of crowd.

Are you worried about this high tower building to cut down your pocket? Well, here the price is the least of your concerns. The amenities you will be enduring are highly worthy compared to the cost of Condo.

The low priced units do not compromise in the amenities. Like any othe Condo project, the residents shall enjoy the luxury of Deck for pool, Swimming area, Gym centre. On top of that, people can enjoy a quite gathering on weekends in the barbeque area of the residency.

Your house will always be filled with household necessities. How? The retail shop is just down the street. Also, visit your friends and family across the town every weekend, because MRT station will feel like a cakewalk.

3. A Fancy Life at The ASANA

Dream big to achieve big is a perfect quote to inspire people to expect the unthinkable. In simple words, Singapore Condos have some beautiful the tapestry Tampines that tells the tale of living the fancy life.

The architectural creation of The ASANA coutures a dream-like experience. The shoe-box design of the building, highlights the apartments far away from a skyscraper view. The prestigious Condos are little highlly priced.

The prices are around $990,000, but with a little help of homeloan and good credit score, the house in such a beautiful building can be yours to enjoy.

4. Queen’s Peak: Paving for the Future

The 44 floor Condo building will leave your neck in pain when you watch the amusing building from its lobby. On top of that, Queens Town is among those desirable locations in Singapore, so people from different stations are lured to buy a place here.

The residential units is a perfect place for single to large family. As a matter of fact, the concept of house starts from 1 BHK to 5 BHK. The luxury doesn’t end here, there are 4 penthouse suites, as the extravagant elegance of Queen’s Peak.

It is a 99-year old leasehold project, which can make way in your dreams. How? The cost of the Condos go as low as $774,000. Perhaps, with Queen’s peak your fantasy may tune into reality.

Condominium: The Tucked Away Charm of Singapore
Investing in a house is one of the life changing decisions. Now if you are planning to make a living n Singapore, do not miss out on exploring all your options.

The Tapestry Singapore has created fanciful options for the residents. Thereby, with a decent amount of salary and financial help, the celebrity-like lifestyle can be savoured.

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