Swiggy clone, as well as UberEats clone both, are growing at an advanced level. Swiggy offers you to order food from a wide range of cuisines and restaurants and quick delivery is made possible. You can find a long list of food items and various food outlets in Swiggy. The menu and the food images of each restaurant increase cravings of every individual. Swiggy offers the fastest mode of delivery. Swiggy also renders you an extraordinary range of features. Abservetech has developed and produced an outstanding Swiggy Clone named FoodStar, which holds plenty of features in it and helps you to establish a full-fledged business.

This script runs in both Android and iOS platform and the open-source code is provided by the firm so that you can make modifications in the future. An instant food ordering and delivery app are developed by Abservetech. Swiggy is also declared to be the on-demand food ordering script. The Swiggy clone script FoodStar is attracted by both the food outlets and customers. The workflow of Swiggy is very simple and easy. Swiggy holds other benefits like “no minimum order”. The script offers live tracking of delivery, easy order cancellation is available.

Based on the provided location facilities, the customers can find nearby restaurants the amazing features included by the Swiggy clone script are it is laravel 5 x Framework real-time push notifications are provided to the customers. Use review and rating to share your point of social sharing, email menu, blog, language, user and page management facilities, admin dashboard, general settings, SEO friendly, restaurant management, and many other features are provided.

Similarly UberEats clone RebuEats holds the hundred percent customizable source code, free installation of Technical Support are provided to the clients. The food outlets can accept or reject your order, they do have independent decisions. The payment management holds details which are highly confidential a simple process here is multiple categories are available, order pickup and order delivery notifications are been provided to another important benefit of UberEats is categories.

So product management is on a wide space whenever a promo code or deals are provided you can avail those at your doorstep. Coming to a conclusion both Swiggy clone and UberEats Scripts are satisfying and provides ease and convenience to users. Both the scripts from Abservetech has abundant benefits which are fascinating to the users. Hence choosing any one of the online food ordering and delivery scripts from Abservetech would be a keen and clear choice.

FoodStar [Swiggy Clone]


RebuEats [UberEats Clone]


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