The amazing upsurge of interest in Steviais partly due to the way it simply addresses several of the biggest concerns regarding traditional sugar consumption. Stevia has no caloric impact, and it’s an all-natural organic sweetener! You can watch your waistline as well as stick to your desire for organics for yourself and your family.

The use of sugar in baking and other edible delights requires large amounts of sugar resulting in high calorie consumption. To get the same sweet taste in your diet, you can achieve a significantly lower intake by using Stevia, with no calories associated! To replace one teaspoon of sugar you only require 1/8 of a teaspoon of Stevia. That will save you approximately 16 calories just from replacing one teaspoon! Think of how many teaspoons of sugar you eat throughout the day, and how many calories you will save by switching to zero calorie Stevia! It’s guilt-free and won’t compromise your love of a few daily sweets.

Stevia is the perfect replacement to sugar, because it is heat stable and pH stable. This means you don’t need to worry about how it will react in the recipes you have already come to love! Just convert the required sugar to its equivalent in Stevia, taking into account your own preference for sweetness.

Stevia has long been grown in Asia and South America, and now it’s becoming a locally grown commodity with large scale growing operations commencing in places like the prolific growing regions of California’s Central Valley, where growers can tap into the extensive agricultural experience and talent that can be found there. Stevia provides a homegrown alternative to sugar which we all are growing to understand just doesn’t fit into our lives and health regimens anymore. Sugar is an allergen, leads to weight gain, and contributes to diabetes and other diseases. Sugar is also highly addictive, as many people can attest to! Sugar causes our bodies to release dopamine and serotonin. Cocaine, alcohol, and other drugs have the same effect. Stevia does not have any negative impact on our health…. and as well as having no health impact, don’t forget it’s organic! Being able to buy an organic sugar alternative allows consumersa better choice, one that is both healthier for their bodies as well as greener!

People love sweets. Stevia gives them the sweet taste they love, while helping to maintain a healthy diet. It’s extremely versatile as a sugar replacement in just about any food or beverage; from cakes, to coffee, tea, or soft drinks as well as simply on top of a grapefruit. Stevia is grown in the United States and can be sold as a certified organic product, allowing everyone to join in makinga fresh new choice that best suits their family’s needs. Using stevia means adding health, nutrition and sweetness in your life; lifestyle choices fully embraced by Stevia First, an innovator in the business of cultivating health.

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Stevia has been used as a natural sweetener from centuries with no adverse effects. It can be safely consumed by diabetic patients without elevating the sugar level of the blood and make it an ideal sweetener.