Have you ever experienced moments of feeling 'stuck' in life? Or perhaps moments where you're not sure whether you're coming or going? Moments of indecision? Moments where it seems that nothing you do appears to work or change things?

Many at one time or another go through these experiences, so know that you are not alone if you have answered 'yes' and can relate to these questions. However, here's another question - how's it working for you?

Is the indecision, the feeling of being stuck, the feeling that nothing is working serving to move you forward? Or is it serving to provide you with multiple justifications and reasons why 'not to'?

I could go into a long discussion about becoming vibrationally aligned, how the universal law of attraction works, the importance of setting intentions and so on. However, each and every one of these is limited unless a process of surrender is embarked upon.

When I use the term 'surrender' it's not in the context of 'giving up' rather, the context of 'stop resisting'. For anyone who's familiar with The Borg in Star Trek, they had a saying 'resistance is futile'. Resistance is the opposite of surrender and serves to slow the process of living a life we truly want to live, indeed, deserve to live.

However our life looks and feels, a good indication of how much resistance is present will 'show up' in how life is flowing. If life feels like a struggle on one or more 'fronts', the chances are that resistance is well and truly present.

Much of this resistance comes from beliefs that have been created, adopted, and formed. These beliefs have not only been stored in our mind, at the deepest levels, but also in the cellular structure of our physical body. So, when we make attempts to change or re-program our belief systems it is important to go beyond that of releasing in the mental, and go deep into releasing within the cellular structures of the body.

These belief systems stored in mind and body are nothing without the emotions attached to them. So when it comes to the process of surrendering, or stopping resistance, it is important to allow the emotion to be revealed.

A great way to surrender and release is to write whatever is 'bothering you', and not simply write, really tap into your heart space as you write, allowing yourself to feel the emotion as you write. And extending that further, writing the emotion.

For example, say there is something that relates to anger. Let that anger be expressed in the words you use, the way you write, feel that anger on the page. Let is all out on paper. Let it flow out until there is no more to write. After this process, sit in the stillness that has been created through the release of the emotion, in this example, anger. Notice how you feel, how your body now feels.

I have regularly used this process in my own life. What I do once I have written everything down and sat in stillness, is burn the paper with all of its writing, as a way of symbolically releasing and transforming, as a way of signaling to the universe that I have surrendered that which I had stored and have now released.

My follow-up process is to do something 'nice' for myself, and get my body moving. This helps to re-calibrate the flow of energy, for body, mind and soul.

There are many other processes that can assist the process of surrender, so that more peace, love, joy, harmony and abundance can flow into your experience. You deserve to live that life!

If there is any way that I can be of service in facilitating your process of surrender, please connect with me. Together, we can work towards re-educating your mind, engaging your heart and expanding your soul.


Author's Bio: 

Lisa Carberry is a modern day mystic who draws upon the wisdom and teachings of many incarnations to support the expansion of the global consciousness in this lifetime.

The author of Transform Your Life, Transform your Teaching Book One: Soul Speak in which she shares her own journey of transformation and guidance for personal and global expansion, Lisa is dedicated to helping others to recognize and embrace the oneness of their being and their interconnection with all that is.

Lisa is a global leader in the R.E.A.L Education revolution, an education that begins with an inner voyage whose milestones are self-awareness, personal responsibility, meditation, and soul assimilation.

For further information please visit https://www.lisa-carberry.com.