When the word Virtual Reality (VR) comes to mind, there are several mind-blowing things that one starts to wonder about. However, a slim thought of safety and prevention led Susumu Matsuda to utilize VR to develop a technology that is beneficial for safety measures in disasters. He serves as the Director of Santoku Corporation and leads the IT division with his immense knowledge and technological expertise.

We at Insights Success a Business Magazine came across Susumu Matsuda in our endeavor to find “The 10 Best Performing Technology Leaders of 2021.” We talked with him to better understand how his innovation has helped people better their knowledge about various disasters.

Leading Changes for Better Tomorrow

Susumu states that the IT industry is changing at a faster pace. In the internet industry, anyone can get new technical information immediately. One can pick up the technology and use it easily. However, just using the latest technology isn’t useful. If one doesn’t add expertise to the latest technology, one will not lose the competition and move forward.

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