Many webmasters and website owners face some problems in their website functionality when they try to solve the issues by looking at ways to acquire windows hosting specially with the Windows hosting has multiple benefits. It has some important tools which are only supported through the Windows operating system. This can provide you the way to come up with applications for the web, which are powerful, secured and more functional for the day to day transactions.

Windows hosting is a website hosting platform which runs through Windows operating system. If you want to create your site with Microsoft Front Page or want to utilize applications of Microsoft like the Active Server Pages or ASP, then your first choice should be the Windows hosting India based platform. This type of web hosting provides you an environment where you can build your website and its backend features with MS .NET or MS Index Server.

Benefits of Windows Hosting:

Security: It is sometimes hard to find a stable Windows host as it is less common and demands more than Linux hosting-based platforms. Moreover, you must purchase for all additional Microsoft software license, compared to the open sourced software of Linux based platforms. And as all of the software are form same Microsoft company, it is able to provide you maximum security for your website and business with the use of additional software options, antivirus and spam protections. In addition, the Windows Web hosting provides the best customer support.

.NET Functionalities: After security, the very first benefit of this type of hosting is the Windows Hosting is compatible with .NET technology. It means that if your website has been developed by Microsoft, then you don't have to worry about any problems in having it hosted on the same platform which can maximize the functionality of your website and its features.

Database Management: Most of the time, any e-commerce websites or transactional websites use user database along with its service or product database. If you are using multiple complexed databases on your website, you will be able to control it better by using Windows based hosting services. So, no matter how large the databases are, you will surely make it work perfectly on a Windows hosting. The application in Windows Hosting which you can use making and controlling your multiple databases is Microsoft Access. With this, you will have maximized performance of your website. The AJAX framework is another feature of Windows based hosting platform with which makes it quite important feature to maintain a database. This hosting plan provides an environment in which it works well with Microsoft SQL as all are Microsoft products. The Windows Server Database gives you the finest chance to create most dynamic websites with multiple database connecting features.

Microsoft SharePoint: SharePoint is another tool under Windows Hosting platform which is utilized by many international companies because by using this you can easily share multiple large files inside the company server or even its different branches. This program runs smoothly if your technical support team is using the Windows platform.

If you are planning to begin a business in the digital world, you can confidently and without any doubt select this web hosting service. It has a good promotional value and it is an effective medium for many years through which you can easily communicate with your clients in a secured platform with is only dedicated for you and your clients. It is also very much reliable as all its features and supported functionalities are manufactured by Microsoft itself which is a leading manufacturer in the world in this segment of business. It also assures you complete safety and security of your website from the virus or malwares. For your website and business to run smoothly and securely it is imperative to use this hosting which makes sure that no update crashes your server.

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Akash Chauhan is an international Digital Marketing consultant at Esteem Host, web hosting company that offers windows hosting India. He is responsible for marketing activities. You can follow him in Linkedin, Google+.