The calendar has turned over to 2020 and this time it means a new decade. Just as styles and fashions are changing throughout multiple industries, there are a few new engagement ring trends on the horizon as well. Anyone who is planning a proposal at some point in the near future will want to think about these engagement ring trends before making a decision. Everyone knows how important the ring is to a proposal and, therefore, this is a decision that everyone needs to get right.

Yellow Gold is Making a Comeback

One of the major trends taking place in the world or engagement rings is the rise of yellow gold. Those who work in the industry have already noted that they are seeing a comeback of this popular option. Jewelers are noticing that a lot of people are deciding to go with this glittering, bright style. Even though this choice was bemoaned by many couples for years, it appears that it is popular once again. Yellow gold was once popular because of its shimmering beauty; however, during the past few decades, people didn’t like how much it stood out. Now, it looks like this color is making a comeback. This is going to be a popular choice in 2020.

A Push for Sustainability

It’s no secret that the environment and sustainability have played an important role in the minds of activists recently. Now, this push is spreading to the world of engagement rings as well. In 2020, this shift is going to become more pronounced. Many people from the younger generations are starting to get married. When they tie the knot, these couples are looking to make sure their own personal values line up with the ring they put on that finger. Therefore, many are looking for an engagement ring that can tell a personal story about what the couple believes in. This is going to play an important role in the engagement ring couples decide to go with.

A Push to Be Unique

Most of the jewelry designers think that the biggest change over the past few years has been the push for couples to be unique. Many are wanting an engagement ring that is going to break with tradition. The center stone is one of the most common places that people look to accomplish this goal. There is going to be a rise in people going with something other than that classic diamond. There are plenty of beautiful jewels out there and a diamond is only one of them.

In addition, many couples are looking for something a little bit different with the band as well. Jewelers are noticing that many couples are deciding to go with an open ring instead of the closed band. Open rings are going to become more popular next and are sure to be a major trend far beyond 2020.

Looking for a Band That Stands Out

Next, even though many couples are looking for a way to break with tradition, they are looking for a way to stand out as well. Instead of going with the classic, single, sleek metal band, they are looking to accentuate the ring and do something flashy. There has been an increase in the number of requests for something other than the classic solitaire ring, according to many people who work in the industry. More and more, couples are looking to go with a swirl in the metal band, added side stones, or unique metals. Many people who work in the industry expect this trend to continue in 2020 and beyond. As more people from the younger generations start to get married, this request is only going to increase in frequency as well.

Going With Multiple Stones

While members of the royal family might have been the first ones to start this trend, the three-stone engagement ring is becoming more common. More and more, brides are looking for rings that have multiple stones. The most popular numbers (other than one) are three and five. Brides are looking for rings that cover the finger with diamonds while also working well with a stacked wedding band. Those who work in the industry expect this trend to continue in 2020. Some people even elect to mix and match the stones that go on the ring.

Finding the Right Engagement Ring

Keeping these trends in mind will help someone make the right choice. At the same time, buying an engagement ring is a personal decision made between the couple. Therefore, while these trends can be used to guide someone’s decision-making process, everyone should remember that their own personal style matters as well. When in doubt, ask the professionals for some guidance! Most people are making this decision for the first time.

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