The first steps toward surviving infidelity are to not let the affair destroy or define you. When a person has been cheated on they can let their emotions get the better of them and make a bad situation worse. To avoid this, it would be smart of them to take comfort in others and not waste their life thinking about the betrayal. At this moment in the person's life, they should feel free to give into the needs to be pampered and feed their soul. After discovering a spouse has been unfaithful, many people can lose all sense of reason. The rage and pain caused by having been betrayed can cause dark thoughts. Taking revenge would be the worst of these. The best solution is to find ways of seeing through the trauma and finding healthy alternatives.

Going into isolation is the mistake victims of infidelity often make. They want to be alone with their feelings. This is understandable. However, in this situation, it is important to find others who are supportive. Loved ones are the best ones to turn to. Also, it might be helpful to find people who have been through the same thing.

Grieving over the heartbreak of cheating is perfectly acceptable. But, it should not be allowed to take over someone's life. To avoid this, a daily schedule should be made. This helps to keep life on track and not dwell on the pain of the affair.

The itinerary made should have a regular appointment for being pampered. This is a difficult time when the need of others should take a backseat to the person who has been hurt. They should not be afraid to take a day to do something they enjoy. Spa treatments or short day trips can give someone something fun to anticipate.

In keeping with pampering their self, a person should also take care to eat. Having one's heart broken can cause them to lose their appetite. This is the time for which comfort foods were invented. These foods should not be overindulged obviously but, having them around and staying fed can help a person stay healthy during this trying time.

A discovery of betrayal in a relationship has the potential to destroy a person. It can lead to feelings of inadequacy and the seeking of vengeance. What is vital to remember in these moments are the positive sides of life. If they are capable of doing this, the person might be on the way to surviving infidelity.

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