It is not uncommon for married couples to go for counseling for help with surviving infidelity. Whenever a spouse is unfaithful it can cause some very serious outcomes. If children are involved, the decisions that are made can have devastating consequences. If you are the injured spouse, you want to move through the feelings you initially have, before making life altering decisions.

The feelings that you may experience toward the unfaithful spouse include resentment, anger, and frustration. If there is any chance your marriage will survive, it is important to work through those feeling first. If you are able to look beyond the transgressions of your spouse, it is possible to survive the betrayal. With a strong love, it is possible to forgive and go on.

Because circumstances and people are very different, the capacity to get over the betrayal will depend on that. It is possible to survive the unfaithfulness by working on resolving other marital problems. When a spouse has been unfaithful, you need to look at what may be happening in the marriage that has led to the betrayal.

Openly discussing the issue of unfaithfulness is often a productive way of dealing with and resolving it. It is important to keep in mind that everyone makes mistakes, this does not mean they are a bad person. They have made a bad decision for any number of reasons. Also, this betrayal does not mean that the marriage is done.

It is always a good idea for the couple to attempt to mend the marriage. Couples counseling is one way that is often very helpful. Though you may want to initially make the other spouse miserable before you leave, it is necessary to work out those feeling before doing anything drastic. After dealing with the feelings, make an effort to work on your marriage problems. Counseling helps put everything in perspective giving you the chance to recover.

Honesty in counseling is also important when working through problems. Without honesty, there is not much chance the marriage can survive. This can e very uncomfortable because it means that you have to take an honest look at yourself. In addition, the couple must begin counseling with realistic goals for their marriage.

While surviving infidelity may not be possible in every situation, there are those couples who do. Both spouses must want to resolve the betrayal and other issues that created the atmosphere for infidelity. When the desire for repairing the marriage exists, it is very possible that counseling can allow you to not only survive infidelity, but thrive.

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