For couples who have experienced spousal cheating firsthand, surviving infidelity can be one of the biggest challenges they'll ever face. The act of physically cheating on one's spouse is such a violation of every aspect of the marital bonds that many couples simply choose divorce rather than attempting reconciliation. Many spouses are so hurt that they cannot bear to even look their partners in the eye.

Cheating doesn't have to be the end of the relationship, however. Couples that truly love one another can find ways to overcome the violation of trust and begin to rebuild the marital relationship. Here are a few tough steps that can help to ensure that the process of restoring a relationship damaged by adultery can be made at least a little simpler.

Adultery damages trust at a level that most cheaters never consider beforehand. To restore that trust, the cheating spouse must begin to take the steps necessary to hold himself accountable for his actions. He should openly acknowledge to his partner that he has violated her trust, and commit himself to regaining it.

To do this, he will have to become completely transparent. He should understand that she will be plagued with doubts every time he is away from her, and should not resent her for those natural feelings. In fact, he should go out of his way to ensure that she knows where he is and what he is doing at all times.

Communication must be maintained at the highest levels. Both spouses should be able to talk about how they feel about the adultery, and do so without judgment from the other. For the offending spouse, this communication cannot involve any excuses or attempts to blame his partner. He must take full responsibility for his own moment of weakness.

Counseling can be essential to this process. Few couples are able to survive adultery without the benefit of outside intervention. In this case, both partners should commit themselves to seeing a couples counselor on a regular basis, and devote themselves to the process of being open and honest about what happened. They should have no preconceived conceptions about how long the reconciliation process should take.

The truth of the matter is that every couple's reconciliation process is unique. Only by being open and transparent can any couple ever hope to recover from such a serious breach of faith. With time and a willingness to work on the relationship daily, however, surviving infidelity is something that any couple can accomplish together.

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