Surviving infidelity is now possible. Infidelity is by far, according to statistics, the leading cause of divorce throughout the world. For those people in marriages, you will agree that it is very difficult, almost impossible to survive betrayal. It is for this very reason that most marriages usually end up in divorces. Nevertheless, this does not mean it is without a solution. Unfaithfulness can be survived.

Simply put, infidelity is the breach of the marriage contract. That is a relationship between couples. This can occur in different ways. It may be sexual or emotional; either way there is still the breach of trust not to mention the heartbreak involved.

The first step to avoiding or surviving this cheating is getting a better understanding of the different types of unfaithfulness.

Learning to trust again is another major step to survival. Trust acknowledges the fact that this may not only be the fault of one person but the couple. It is important to realize how far you have deviated from your marriage vows. This could be as a result of the pressures at work or even the marriage life, take for example the children.

With trust comes perseverance. Getting back to the lovey-dovey stages of your marriage is very possible. All it needs is time and communication. This will slowly build your broken relationship piece by piece to the happy couple you once was. Yet again, without forgiveness, this may just seem like a dream. Forgiveness should be more mental than verbal in order to erase disloyalty.

In the case of habitual cheating, forgiveness though possible, squaring off may be considered detrimental. This because it may lead to the development of a deviant character which may be unfair to the rest of the people involved in the relationship take for example the children and the victimized spouse. Such disorders could get so serious to the extent that the culprit actually finds pleasure in leading another clandestine relationship most commonly referred to as cheating.

While this behavior can be stopped at its early stages, if something is not done to impede it, addiction could be the result of it. This would mean that even though the culprit is be willing to change, it may be very difficult or even totally impossible. Sadly, this helpless situation calls for neither reconciliation nor trust but separation.

Even so, it is a proven fact that infidelity can be survived at any stage of the marriage. As long as there is trust, the realization that it is not the fault of one but the couple, patience, perseverance and understanding in a relationship, nothing is impossible. Surviving infidelity is now possible.

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