“Ink, a drug.”

If you are also a believer in this famous line by Vladimir Nabokov, then you surely find the greatest pleasure of writing in just your creative ideas and impulses. You don’t care about how many people your art is reaching to or how successful it is. But when you are trying to become an established and famous author, with a few bestselling titles in your credit and a wide readership globally, then you cannot sit around idle. You have to make sure that you are putting all your efforts in promoting your book.

For a writer, penning down a novel is a lot of effort. But once you are done with writing the piece, your work is not over. You have to do a lot more. When you are a self-published author, it is obvious that you don’t have the support and the promotion of a big publishing house. You have to do it all yourself and you have to do it regularly. Now, as a debut author, you are required to put a lot of effort anyway. So, make sure that you are exploring all the avenues to become noticed. Take a look at the following points to know how you can survive as a debut self-published author.

Noticeable Online Presence:

The first and foremost thing that you have to do is increasing your online presence. Become more noticeable. Catch the attention of your target audience. Create a superb website with all the necessary links for your book’s page, purchase link, social media links. Partner with a reputed newsletter promotion services so that you can send your newsletter thorough them. Update your blog regularly. Remain present and connected with your virtual audience.

Go for Custom Affordable Packages:

There are millions of solutions online and offline that offer book promotional services. They generally come with cost-effective packages, offering a plethora of facilities like book features, top listing, reviews, social media promotion in the solution’s page, influencer marketing and so on. This is undoubtedly a great option for newbie self-published authors.

Keep Your Book Available Digitally:

IT his decade has seen people become more and more interested in reading online. Browsing through the extensive library while on the move, reading from just one device carrying thousands of titles, carrying one Kindle or tablet or even the Smartphone instead of thick paperbacks, all these make a reading lot easier and enjoyable. Make sure that your book is available on online platforms like Kindle, Kobo, BN and Smashword. Different websites like Pillow Talk Books can give you this opportunity.

Take Help:

It is really tempting as a writer to remain in recluse, read, read and read more and then write. There is hardly any author who is a fan of too much social interaction. Yes, it sounds all nice and dandy. But when it comes to becoming a bestseller, staying reclusive is not an option. When you are opting for all sorts of book promotion, make sure you are taking help too. Partner with another self-published author. Help them promote their book too on your social media handle just like they will do it for you. Keep a relationship just like a mutual fan club. It will be immensely helpful for you.

So, now as you know how you can go for book promotion and make it successful even as a debut self-published author, what are you waiting for? Start implementing these plans right away.

Author's Bio: 

Debra Jones is a famous blogger and an expert in book promotion. Here she writes on how book promotional services and other steps can help a debut self-published author to become a bestseller.